Cheap $1 Dollar New York Pizza!

Cheap $1 Dollar New York Pizza!

I’ve gone to different pizza places in New York and this one is one of my favorites. With the combination of price, readiness and taste, dollar New York pizza is good pizza!

photo of shop selling dollar New York pizza

I stumbled upon this place with my family. It was their first time in New York and I was playing tour guide. We found this place because from far away we saw “99¢ fresh pizza”. We were skeptical because of the price. It’s New York after all, everything is expensive! Besides, could you imagine the taste of a dollar New York pizza?


It definitely felt like a “quick stop” type of shop; you place you order, you pay and you get your order right away. Since they only sell cheese pizza at a dollar a slice, they go through those quick. One thing that may seem off putting is the amount of panhandlers wandering in and around the shop. The shop owners don’t do much about them. I suggest, be smart and make choices accordingly. However from my experience, I’ve never been bothered by them.

  • 1 slice: $1 USD
  • 2 cheese slices & soda combo: $2.75 USD
  • 1 cheese 18inch (45.72cm) pizza: $8 USD
  • You can find the rest of their MENU & LOCATIONS on their website: 99CentFreshPizzaNYC.
dollar new york cheese pizza

The “hot & ready” pizza they serve is plain cheese. They offer other toppings but you have to wait while they make it or bring it from the back. The cheese pizza was greasy but not in a repugnant way. It had a very light herby taste. The bread was soft but slightly toasty on the bottom.


The pizza slice was big. It was much larger than Domino’s and Pizza Hut’s large pizza slices. I measured it, most slices averaged about 5 – 6ins (about 15cm) of crust & about 7 – 8ins (about 20cm) in length. The pizza was thin; it had enough bread to satisfy.


This was perhaps one of my favorite things to watch! The pizza is so popular that there is ALWAYS fresh pizza. While we ate, I watched this shop put out about 10 whole new pizzas. Little Caesars can’t compare on how fast they sold out.

Would I eat here again? YES!

I miss dollar New York pizza. It was good cheap pizza, like Little Caesars without the bulk, much bigger, way fresher and definitely hotter. It was a great impromptu snack while wandering around Time Square. There are several other locations throughout NYC so you don’t have to go to this specific shop.

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