I Tried Tsuijiri’s Yummy Matcha Sundae & Daifuku in Toronto!

I Tried Tsuijiri’s Yummy Matcha Sundae & Daifuku in Toronto!

I never thought that I’d be eating a matcha sundae on a cold day in Toronto. I was walking in the rain with a group of friends ater deciding to walk around the city for a place to eat because we couldn’t decideby looking on Google Maps. We ended up walking by the Tsuijiri (辻利茶舖) dessert and tea shop by chance and were too trilled by a Japanese dessert shop that we went in.

The shop was small and had limited seating. I was thrilled to see a tatami with cushions and a large low wooden in the back of the shop. Luckily the space was empty when we got our orders, so my friends and I were able try out the tatami. We had to take off our shoes before setting foot on the matted floor. It was pretty cold in Canada during this time of year and the rain made things worse but the tatami was heated and kept us warm. ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

The shop played Japanese music in the background; a lot of big hit anime soundtracks too. It was absolutely perfect when they played one of my favorite InuYasha’s ending soundtrack, “My Will” by Japanese girl group, Dream [YouTube]!


Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the menu since the shop was very busy when my friends and I arrived. While the Canadian Tsuijiri website doesn’t show this location’s menu, you can find menu options of other locations in Canada. I’m sure it’s fairly similar!


The two items I ordered from their shop had a decent price. I wish I tasted more items, like the O-Matcha Cake!

Tsuijiri O-Matcha Daifuku: $5CAD ($3.81USD)

Tsuijiri Matcha Sundae: $7.50CAD ($5.71USD)


Here is the address for this particular shop that I shopped at:

  • 147 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5E 0A8, Canada

To find a location near you, check out the Tsuijiri global site!

matcha daifuku from Tsuijiri
Tsuijiri O-Matcha Daifuku

The mochi dough and matcha filling had a very strong flavor. I didn’t realize that the mochi would start melting because of the heated mats so the texture was more like melted cheese by the time I started eating it. I’ve never had mochi this soft; I had to eat it with a spoon. I should’ve paid more attention. After eating through half my matcha sundae, I put the rest of the daifuku inside the cup because I didn’t want to spill all the matcha cream.

Tsuijiri Matcha Sundae
Tsuijiri Matcha Sundae

Tsuijiri’s matcha sundae was a perfect bittersweet flavor! I was impressed with how creamy and smooth the ice cream was. The cherry blossom shaped cookie was a good decor and the chestnut wasn’t too crunchy. The shiratama dango went well with the ice cream, which is why I added my melting daifuku into the cup as I was finishing my sundae.

At the bottom was the genmai which added a very nice texture to the ice cream. I would’ve enjoyed it more if it was more half way through the ice cream because by the time I got to the bottom, my ice cream was mostly melted and felt more like lumpy cream in my mouth.

This sundae comes with the following:

  • Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream
  • 1 Chestnut (the yellow ball)
  • 1 Sakura Cookie
  • Genmai (玄米 – Japanese Roasted Brown Rice)
  • Tsubuan Paste (粒あん – Chunky Red Bean Paste)
  • 1 Shiratama (白玉 or 白玉団子 – Japanese Rice Cake: the white ball)
  • Kuromitsu (黒蜜 – “Black Honey”: Black Sugar Syrup)
Would I shop here again? Yes.

Hopefully when I return to Canada I have time to stop by one of the Canadian Tsuijiri. Or perhaps I’ll go to another shop in a different country. Either way, I believe their matcha flavor is high quality and would love to have it again, especially the matcha sundae!

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