The BTS Wings Chronicles: A Pop-Up BTS Art Exhibition By ARMYs!

The BTS Wings Chronicles: A Pop-Up BTS Art Exhibition By ARMYs!

I really wanted to attend this BTS Wings Chronicles when I first heard of it but none of the pop-ups were near me. I initially thought it was their last day but it turned out to be their first day the 2nd exhibition was open the day after I saw VIXX in Toronto. What luck? (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

About The BTS Wings Chronicles

The BTS Wings Chronicles was an international project by several ARMYs and fan pages/sites with different locations in different countries called ARMY BOX. Depending on who was in charge and who contributed, each pop-up was a bit different. I actually really wanted to go to the one in New York but couldn’t make it.


When I first arrived at the location I was very confused. The studio didn’t look like what a studio would look like. I had to ask the people who were waiting outside if they were there for the BTS Wings Chronicles. When they said yes, I was relieved but they too were reluctant to enter the place.

We were welcomed by one of the organizers. The studio was on the 2nd floor of a building that looked like an apartment. Going up the stairs felt like we were entering someone’s home. My nerves calmed once I saw more ARMY’s inside and the registration table.

I was welcomed. I signed my name and received a tote bag with freebies. I also got my hand stamped with a feather which I thought was pretty neat.


I got in for FREE.

I initially thought I had to pay since the organizers of the BTS Wings Chronicles were using the funds made from the art exhibition to donate to various nonprofits in BTS’ name.

At this location, they were accepting donations. I was willing to pay my share, after all the freebies were many and in great quality. The girl who managed the registration table said it was fine and gave me the freebies.

Some of the organizations the funds were donated to were UNICEF, War Child and St. Jude’s Children but depending on the exhibition locations, many others were also received donations through the event.

There wasn’t much to do. It was like a regular art exhibit except BTS themed. All of the art and photographs were of BTS or individual members. BTS music played in the background while ARMYs quietly took photos and whispered the songs together. The vibe was very calming and cheerful.

BTS Wings Chronicles banners

The large banners were very impressive. You could go up and take photos with them. It was hard to find a good way to pose together with the banners since I didn’t want to touch them and accidently knocking them down.

The Freebies

There were a lot of freebies, aside for the free entry that I got. I’m still not sure why I wasn’t asked to pay while others did but I wasn’t too curious to ask.

BTS Wings Chronicles freebies

With it I also got 1 entry ticket, a customized black tote bag, fanmade photocards, 2 sticker sheets and a laminated postcard.

It’s a lot more goodies than I thought they would give out. I thought they would hand out 1 or 2 photocards and a pin. I have to say, they truly went above and beyond.

My Favorite Piece

It’s not just because Jimin is my bias but I absolutely loved this print. It looked like screen printing to me which I’ve done before. It’s not super difficult but it is a boring process that could go wrong pretty easily and could force you to restart a part of the process all over again. When I saw this piece, I loved how well it was done. It was so clean and precise yet very simple.

It’s just an assumption; I don’t know for sure if the artist used screen printing (correct me if I’m wrong) but it looked like screen printing or some kind of stencil painting to me.

ARTIST: Eternal_VK

The Letters & Merch

They also had 8 bags where fans could drop off letters to be sent to BTS. 7 bags for member specific letters and 1 for OT7.

They also sold fanmade merch to raise funds for the event.

BTS Wings Chronicles letters

Would I Attend Another BTS Themed Exhibition?

Answer: Yes.

I enjoyed my time there even though I didn’t stay long enough to make new ARMY friends. I only had a little bit of time before I had to leave Toronto and head over to Quebec City. I thought the idea was really good and hoped we’d see more events like this more often.

A place where Kpop fans could meet, that would be so cool!

Have Did You Attend The BTS Wings Chronicles?

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