Partying At The DAY6 North American Tour in Toronto!

Partying At The DAY6 North American Tour in Toronto!

Did I really party with DAY6? No but this DAY6 North American Tour sure made it feel like I was.

day6 north american tour poster
Concert Information
  • Date: 10.29.17
  • Time: 8PM EDT
  • Location: John W. H. Basset Theatre / Toronto Convention Centre
  • Hosted by SubKulture Entertainment
My Ticket (╯✧▽✧)╯
  • I bought a P2 ticket so I had hi-touch
  • I spent $244CD = about $165USD plus taxes
Who is DAY6

Feel free to check out all the following links to learn more about the boys!

day6 north american tour congratulations

So I was on a week long trip to Canada. I started in Montreal, went back to Toronto to the VIXX concert, went to the BTS Wings Chronicles art exhibit and now was spending the night with DAY6 and other MyDays. Talk about a Kpop holiday!

day6 north american tour stage
day6 north american tour show

This is what I compiled; correct me if I’m wrong:

  • I Wait
  • Hunt
  • I’m Serious
  • Man in a Movie
  • You were beautiful
  • Congratulations
  • Letting Go
  • I Smile
  • Dance Dance
  • Free
day6 north american tour fan meeting
The Fan Meet

What made this concert different from a regular Kpop concert is that it incorporated things that would happen in a fan meeting. In South Korea fan meets are pretty normal, even in Japan, but other countries like the US or Canada don’t get that experience with Kpop celebrities (or even Western artists to be honest).

For the fan meet experience we got to listen to DAY6 talk about themselves and answer some fan questions. As you can see from the picture above, questions by fans were collected and put on a board. The MC asked questions and the boys got to choose some questions to answer. It was a mix of all the members taking turns to answer the same questions or only one member answered a question. Most of the Q&A was innocent; questions ranged from doing Aegyo (애교) to things they like.

After playing a few more songs, they had another fan meeting intermission where they played games and did silly things on stage. They had a member make up a song about Toronto and they played “Pick a Member” where the MC described something and the member chosen had to say which member is most likely to fit that description. The rule was, they couldn’t pick themselves. So if the MC asked “who is the most handsome”, they had to pick someone other than themselves.

day6 north american tour games

The games were switched by DAY6 members picking without knowing from a tic-tac-toe board.

It was so fun just engaging with your favorite celebrity that way. One thing that I love about Kpop concerts is how much you can interact with celebrities. Western concert culture doesn’t really exist in the same way.

I personally don’t have to get real close and personal with celebrities but I like the idea that they’re people like us who have fun, laugh, and have things in common with.

the hi-touch

I was nervous for the hi touch just like for the VIXX concert but this time I practiced what I wanted to say and some of it was in Korean! Props for me!

The Hi-touch was quick but slow enough that I could say something to each member. I wasn’t surprised that I still messed up what I wanted to say though. The embarrassment („ಡωಡ„) of being overwhelmed by being so close to them and saying the wrong thing will live and die with me! 。・゚゚*( >//д//< )*゚゚・。 They probably don’t remember but everyone has that embarrassing thing they said wrong that never goes away; like saying “You’re Welcome” when the store clerk told you “Have a nice day”. Argh!

day6 north american tour young k
The Highlight

It was an amazing concert with an unexpected highlight. If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking the whole show and meeting DAY6 is the highlight, right?


The best part of the DAY6 North American Tour in Toronto specifically was when Young K jumped off stage and joined everyone who was dancing in the crowd. He got pretty far into the crowd too. I was lucky to have an isle seat and joined the crowd. I cannot exaggerate, when I see Young K was 1 foot away from me. Everyone around him jumped and danced together. He looked so happy. I never thought I’d see a Kpop idol’s smile up close while dancing together as if we were at the club casually with a bunch of other strangers. (╯♡ ▽ ♡ )╯

After the moment was over and he returned to the stage and everyone else went back to their seats, I cried inside wishing I had a camera to record the whole thing. Not that it would’ve mattered much, there were no lights on other than the ones on stage, so it would’ve been hard to see anyone. Still, it’s a memory I wish I captured.

For me it was an unexpected surprise, even though later I found out that the other members had jumped off stage at other stops. I believe Jae had jumped out in Detroit.

What made this more special was Young K’s attachment to Toronto since he lived in Toronto for a few years before debuting with Day6. I was happy to share that experience with him, other MyDays and Day6 even if it was pure serendipity. ( ╯^-^( * ^ o^) ^///^) ╯♡

The freebies

The photo below are the freebies I got. There were a lot more but since I arrived late, I missed out on the other stuff. I actually only received the banner. The star I had to trade with someone else. I happen to have their bias and they happened to have mine. The sticker I got because my friend got an extra and she gave it to me.

day6 north american tour freebies

I got some extra banners since I like displaying mine on my walls. I always get at least 2 if it’s double sided.

The people who made the banners for the tour had some extras left over from the New York stop and since the design was different, I decided to get 2 of those for me.

After they finished passing banners to everyone, I noticed they had a lot left over. I explained to the organizer that I had friends who’d love to have a banner since they couldn’t afford to come to the show. They gave me a few more of each design which was awesome considering the more likely destination for the remaining banners were the trash or a recycling bin.

The MyDays back home were happy I brought them some.

day6 north american tour banner toronto
day6 north american tour nyc banner

This was quite the night. Afterwards my new friends and went to Korea town, had something to eat and did some Karaoke. I had a lot of fun! (\^\\\^)/

I ordered jokbal (족발), Korean pig trotters/hocks for the first time. We had plenty of soju as well that night!

day6 toronto jokbal korean
day6 toronto soju korean

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