I Attend the VIXX Shangri La Tour: Toronto Stop!

I Attend the VIXX Shangri La Tour: Toronto Stop!

I was so excited to go to the VIXX Shangri La tour that I flew to Canada for my first time! (╯✧▽✧)╯

vixx shangri la toronto poster
Concert Information
  • Date: 10.27.17
  • Time: 6PM EDT
  • Show Time: 7PM EDT
  • Location: John W. H. Basset Theatre / Toronto Convention Centre
  • Hosted by POP! Goes The World!
My Ticket ✧ (^▽^) ✧
  • I bought a GOLD ticket so I had hi-touch
  • I spent $321.33CD = about $257USD
Who is VIXX?

Feel free to check out all the following links to learn more about the boys!

I actually arrived a few days before. I started my trip in Montreal and travelled down to Toronto to see VIXX.

It was a busy day when I arrived. I hurried to the hostel I was staying at and rushed to the Toronto Convention Centre. The whole thing was nerve wrecking because it was my first time there and I was trying to get inside as soon as possible; I was already running late for the freebies and banners. Many things could go wrong with going to Kpop concerts and missing the freebies is such a bummer.

vixx shangri la toronto stage

I made it to the line in time to not be too far in the back. Luckily for us Starlights, the venue was very large and we didn’t have to line up outside of the building. I got some freebies and made a friend while I was in line. (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

vixx shangri la toronto chained up
strict no photo/video policy

So they let people in, and my new friend and I talked and took pictures. I eventually went to my seat and the show started. We were allowed to take photos and record for the first 3 songs which wasn’t too bad but they were particularly strict about having phones out after. Staff literally forced themselves through the crowd to the stop people from recording. I watched many people being forcibly yanked out from the crowd.

To be honest, I thought they were being a little too much.

vixx shangri la toronto

It’s hard to recall the order that the songs were performed in but these are the songs that I remember and I gathered from others:

  • Fantasy
  • Desperate
  • Chained Up
  • The Closer
  • To Us
  • Love Me Do
  • Eternity
  • When To Us
  • Blackout
  • On & On
  • Dynamite
  • Hyde
  • Heaven
  • Love Equation

vixx shangri la toronto hi touch
the hi-touch

I was nervous for the hi touch, mainly because I couldn’t come up with anything to say. Hi-touch is quick. It’s only a high five so if you can sneak something nice to say, that’s a plus. The hi-touch was super quick and almost a blur as I try remembering it. I do remember Ravi, who is my bias and Ken!

The boys were all incredibly tall. I mean, it was a little intimidating; like, why are you so handsome and tall. I certainly was so overwhelmed by Ravi, I had to force myself to look at him because I became shy suddenly. I knew he was tall but having him that close and having to look up (and normally I don’t have to look up at anybody), was just…WOW ✧◝(⌒▿⌒)◜✧

The Freebies

The photo below are the freebies I got. There were a lot more but since I arrived late, I missed out on the other stuff. I actually only received the banner. The star I had to trade with someone else. I happen to have their bias and they happened to have mine. The sticker I got because my friend got an extra and she gave it to me.

vixx shangri la toronto kpop freebies

This was quite the night. Afterwards my new friend and I went across the street and ate some burgers together. I had a lot of fun! (\^\\\^)/

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