I Finally Meet Kpop Group 24K at their 24K Still With 24U Tour in Chicago!

I Finally Meet Kpop Group 24K at their 24K Still With 24U Tour in Chicago!

So much kpop, so little time. Kpop group 24K, a group I never thought I’d see, stopped in Chicago for their 24K Still With 24U tour!

I had to see them.

kpop group 24k still with 24u tour

Originally the tour was supposed to happen in 2017 but it was rescheduled. I was happy it all worked out! (╯^▽^)╯

Concert Information
  • Date: 2.21.18
  • Show Time: 8PM EDT
  • Location: The Royal George Theatre
  • Hosted by StudioPAV
My Ticket ✧ (^▽^) ✧
  • I bought a VVIP ticket that included a fansigning with a provided “free” album, hi-touch and group photo.
  • I spent $199USD plus taxes and fees
Who is 24K?

Feel free to check out all the following links to learn more about the boys!

There was a lot of pre-show things to do if you had VVIP. I actually didn’t think I needed to be there super early. The show didn’t start until 8pm but VVIP checking was at 4:30PM. We did the fan signing after check in, which took about an hour since there were a lot of fans.

kpop group 24k still with 24u signed album
the fansigning

I didn’t expect the fan signing to be so engaging. The members were enthusiastic and I didn’t feel rushed to get my autographed album.

Most of the boys spoke enough English that you could hold a conversation. Some were shy and then others were more out going. Kisu being himself, he was all smiles and Cory, my bias, was the most fluent, it was nice to talk to him like any regular person you’d meet locally. ✧◝(⌒▿⌒)◜✧

kpop group 24k
24k still with 24u

Afterwards was the VIP check in and then we moved on to group photos and hi-touch. Since most people got VVIP, there wasn’t a lot of waiting and everything ran pretty smoothly.

kpop group 24k still with 24u vvip
Hi-Touch & Group Photos

We all lined up according to whatever row was released to do hi-touch. It got pretty comical or maybe even weird because the boys were essentially getting to see all our faces all over again. Since we went by rows, it was almost exactly the same as the album signing.

I had couldn’t help but laugh because as soon as I got off stage after doing hi-touch, I had to get up from my seat to do the group photos. Of course another line! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

I had fun! I got to interact with them 3 times, plus my seat was close to the stage, I was 3rd row I believe and it was a small venue so even better!

kpop group 24K kigurumi
no photo/video policy

So funny story, we were told by the staff that we weren’t allowed to take photos or videos but the problem was, the boys kept encouraging us to do so. One minute we were told to put our phones away and then the next the boys would pose, do peace sign, aegyo and encourage us to take our phones out to take photos of them.

It was a constant back and forth throughout the show as well. They were more lenient before the boys started dancing but during the show, they were a little more strict. Frankly, as long as you didn’t keep your phone out the whole time, you could get away with a few video clips and pictures. But again, there seemed to be some miscommunication between what the promoter or Choeun wanted and what the 24K boys wanted.

It became a little funny because when they posed for pictures and 1 person would take out their phone, everyone else took out their phones.

kpop group 24k still with 24u dance


I don’t remember the setlist but I think it was similar to the Dallas show which was posted to the Facebook group.

  • Hey You
  • Been You
  • Still 24K
  • Honestly
  • Oasis
  • Run
  • Only You
  • *Vocal Unit
  • Look at Me
  • *Performance
  • Heaven
  • Super Fly
  • Encore: BINGO

Several fan projects were put together and funded by fellow 24U to make the event even better. (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

The Banner Signing

A fan by Samantha Keller made a fabric banner for 24U to sign and give to 24K. The banner in the crowd photo is the same one.

Since I had to show up early to the venue, I got lucky and signed a little message. Can’t remember what I wrote but the banner was nearly full by the time I got to it so I wrote something small.

kpop group 24k still with 24u crowd photo
kpop group 24k still with 24u cake
The 24K Cake

This was a cake project by The K Revolution.

I never thought it would get approved but it did. The cake looked really pretty in colors similar to the group: white, gold, and black.

The boys posed with it and seemed very happy to receive it. They even brought it out to show us they got it and posed with it.

kpop group 24k still with 24u freebie
The Freebies

For this tour there weren’t many freebies and I completely forgot about it considering how much was included in my ticket. I was just happy to see the boys. Still, I managed to snag a paper star and a rubber wristband, funded by The K Revolution with the extra money accumulated from the cake fan project.

In all honesty, my signed album and all the silliness that went on during the show was the best souvenir for this event. Will never forget when Jeonguk (I think) ripped his pants.

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