Create Your Own Ice Cream Cone with Taiyaki NYC!

Create Your Own Ice Cream Cone with Taiyaki NYC!

I stopped by Taiyaki NYC to try their “Build Your Own Ice Cream Cone” option. While the unicorn hype was fun and delicious, it was exciting to create my own Instagram-able taiyaki (鯛焼き) ice cream cone.

But what is taiyaki?

Taiyaki (鯛焼き) is a Japanese pastry shaped like a fish often stuffed with bean paste or custard. It’s usually warm, made in a pan similar to a waffle maker. I’ve had taiyaki filled with matcha paste as well and it’s delicious. If you ever get the chance to try the pastry by itself, don’t miss out; it’s especially comforting on a cold day because it’s hot when you buy it fresh. Taiyaki ice cream cone is basically a taiyaki open like a cone filled with warm stuffing and then topped with ice cream.

  • Regular Taiyaki: $3
  • Specialty Taiyaki Cones: $8
  • Matcha Latte: $5
  • Taro Shake: $6
  • Unicorn Inflatable Float & Shake: $10
  • Build Your Own Cone: $8
  • Ice Cream Cup: $5
  • Matcha waffle cone: $6

They have other items on their menu, not just what’s listed above. Make sure to check their menu on Facebook for more options!

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Build Your Own Ice Cream Cone Menu

To build your own taiyaki cone, you get to pick from the chart below 1 base, 1 ice cream flavor, 1 drizzle and 2 toppings.

BaseIce Cream FlavorDrizzleToppings
+Taiyaki Cone
+Matcha Waffle Cone
+Black Sesame

+Condensed Milk
+Rainbow Sprinkles
+Chocolate Sprinkles
+Cotton Candy Sprinkles
+Unicorn Sprinkles

+Crushed Oreos
+Graham Crumbs
+Wafer Sticks

+Rainbow Mochi
+Rice Cracker Pearls
+Coconut Flakes
matcha sesame ice cream cone with mochi

This was my indecisive attempt at building my own cone. It’s a matcha and black sesame ice cream swirl on a custard stuffed taiyaki with strawberry drizzle, rock candy and mochi skewer. Sure looks like a mess too! \(^/// ^”)


The strong flavor of the black sesame worried me a little but the ice cream was mild and blended well with the matcha ice cream. It gave the matcha a nutty flavor, almost like peanuts. The taiyaki cone was crunchy on the outside but warm on the inside because of the custard.

Would I buy again? Yes!

I’d like to try the matcha waffle cone and their plain taiyaki. Their location is in the middle of Chinatown & near Little Italy, I know I will find myself back at their shop.

Locations near you!
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