The Cute Things I bought at the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck (MKE pop-up)!

The Cute Things I bought at the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck (MKE pop-up)!

Last Updated on 2020/09/05

I attended the Hello Kitty Café Pop-Up in Milwaukee recently! This was the 1st time it came to Milwaukee (or at least a far as I know). I’ve always tried going to the Chicago Pop-Up but things always get muddled the day of.

the hello kitty cafe truck
The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck: front & back!

This time however, I made sure I could make it and I did. I arrived about 10 minutes before the truck officially opened and the line was already very long. I would say at least 50 – 70 people were in line before me when I got in line.

window items on the hello kitty café truck
The crowd in front of me while I waited in line to shop at the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck!
Right in front of the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck with all the items they were selling on the window.

The menu was placed in 3 spots: half way through the line, right before you order and on the side of the truck. Someone was nice enough to post the menu on the Facebook event as well because surprisingly the Hello Kitty Café staff never did. Something to keep in mind is that this is Hello Kitty and it’s a pop-up; prices to these kinds of events can be higher than a regular store.

The wait wasn’t too bad; I expected to be there 2 hours but it only took 1. I was excited to blow my money on this! I nearly caved and bought the $25 plushie they had (not on the menu). The collector in me said “Get it! You know you want it!” but I stopped myself.

the cute and yummy things I bought at the hello kitty cafe truck
Merch I bought from the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck:
iced cookies, pies, macarons, petite four cakes, lunch box with popcorn & bottled water.

I don’t care much for physical items; I’m more than happy to spend money on food so I only got the snacks. It all worked out in my favor though because if you spent $25 on food, you received a free tote bag. I spent over $75 on food alone so I got 3 tote bags. All the totes were the same design, I gave one to a friend who went to the pop-up.

mug and keychaiin from the hello kitty cafe truck
The Hello Kitty Cafe mug & keychain!

Since I don’t care much for mugs and things alike, I asked a friend to take photos of the things she bought from the truck. Above you can see the mug and keychain she got.

customer service

It was great! The waiting wasn’t awful like other events I’ve gone to (concerts, festivals, etc). The Hello Kitty Café staff were friendly and worked quickly. When purchasing the mug, they had customers inspect the mug for defects. Their uniforms were very cute as well!

Only thing I would critic….there was a woman taking care of the line, making sure people were moving forward. She looked angry and continuously told people to move forward. Several people complained to her about it, particularly when there was no space to move forward to. I’m not sure if she was part of Hello Kitty Café staff but she made things a bit unpleasant.

the awesome staff at the hello kitty café truck in milwaukee
The staff from the Hello Kitty Cafe that did the mug inspection.

Personally I found items to be rather expensive especially since you could find other Hello Kitty items for less elsewhere. HOWEVER, it is a pop-up and if you’re only going once or you’re a collector, prices are worthwhile. There are somethings you’ll be more willing to buy over others, depending on your preferences and budget!

the menu for the hello kitty cafe truck
The menu for the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck!
Quality at first glance

Products look very high quality. The desserts look well made as well. The colors popped on both the products and snacks. I was very happy with my purchase.


Aside for that lady working on the line, everything was good even with the gloomy chilly weather. Despite the pop-up location being right outside of Mayfair Mall, it wasn’t too crowded or busy. The mall crowd had plenty of space to walk around the Hello Kitty fanatics.

crowd of people waiting to order at the hello kitty café truck
The line of people waiting to buy from the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck at Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Would I go again? Maybe!

Honestly, like I said above, I got what I wanted. The only way I can see myself going again is if they have new items.

I felt that the name Hello Kitty Café was a bit misleading; I was expecting a “café” menu with Hello Kitty themed parfaits, coffee, drinks, waffles and ice cream. I knew it probably wasn’t going to be like an actual café as I imagined so I wasn’t disappointed. The desserts sold were actually real cute!

Check out their website and social media for more info: Twitter Facebook Instagram


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