Look at These Adorable Hello Kitty Mini Cakes!

Look at These Adorable Hello Kitty Mini Cakes!

Last Updated on 2022/03/24

These petit fours are absolutely adorable! ☆( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

These were so cute, they were the last item I ate from all the items I bought at the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck MKE pop-up. When I was younger, my mom used to buy variety boxes of petit fours and we would taste test them together. I haven’t had a petit four for a long time; why have a miniature cake when you can have a whole one.

hello kitty petit fours

The set came with 4 different flavors: lemon, chocolate chip, vanilla and strawberry. I thought that the frosting was some kind of fondant icing but I’m not sure. There was a hint of almond flavor on 2 of them but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. I personally thought it was from the fondant because sometimes almonds or marzipan are ingredients used. Either way, the frosting tasted good.


I believe the cakes were good quality. Decorating each cake would take some time and effort. Also, the cakes were well put together; they were rather thick and didn’t fall apart easily.


The set cost $15 (so $3.75 ea. cake). For a first time purchase, I didn’t think the price was too bad.

ONE THING that bothered me, there wasn’t any ingredients or allergen lists to be found on the packaging. The nutritional facts were not given either. It’s safe to assume that if it’s a pastry, it may contain nuts, milk etc. However, if you want to make sure you’ll have to contact their company to know if they used any ingredients you might be allergic to. Sometimes these things aren’t provided but it would have been good to know what was in the cakes. The mystery of the almond flavor may never be solved!

lemon hello kitty cake
Hello Kitty Cafe Petit Four Lemon Cake

This cake had yellow frosting with 3 apples on top. I wasn’t sure if the same icing was used for the apples but when I cut into it, it had the same consistency.


The cake was a lemon flavor with a hint of almond. I think the cake filling was lemon flavored.

vanilla hello kitty cake
Hello Kitty Cafe Petit Fours Blue Jumpsuit Cake

This cake had Hello Kitty’s original blue jumpsuit. The jumpsuit looked like it was made out of dyed white chocolate just like the bow. I think the yellow collar was like a sprinkle, since it felt crunchy when I bit into it.


This had a vanilla flavor; much closer to vanilla bean but not quite.

chocolate chip hello kitty cake
 Hello Kitty Cafe Petit Four Chocolate Chip Cake!

This cake was very simple. It was blue frosting with Hello Kitty’s signature bow.


The cake itself was chocolate chip with chocolate filling. I thought I tasted a hint of almond as well but I’m not sure if it’s from the cake or frosting since the box had no ingredients list.

strawberry hello kitty cake
 Hello Kitty Cafe Petite Four Red Jumpsuit Cake

For this cake, Hello Kitty wore her alternative red jumpsuit. Like the other cake, I think the suit and bow are made of dyed white chocolate. The yellow collar felt like it was made similar to a sprinkle.


The flavor was more of a strawberry milk flavor. There was strawberry filling in between the vanilla flavored cake.

Would I buy again? Maybe!

I really liked the lemon and vanilla cakes the most! For a once in a while purchase, I thought the petit fours were great! Makes an awesome gift or if used for a special tea time with a friend. These mini cakes are big enough to be shared with another person anyway! (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

Hello Kitty Cafe Petit Fours Cakes
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