Complete 5 Piece Set Colorful Hello Kitty Macarons!

Complete 5 Piece Set Colorful Hello Kitty Macarons!

Last Updated on 2022/03/24

These Hello Kitty macarons come in a very adorable little box with a transparent bow on top. The inner box with the macarons slides out and is decorated with a kawaii collage. Each box comes with 5 different flavored macarons.

hello kitty macarons from the hello kitty cafe

The macarons looked a lot simpler than what I expected. I thought each macaron would have a different design like the Hello Kitty Petit Fours. Unfortunately there were no nutritional, allergy or ingredients list to be found anywhere on the box.


I got these at the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck MKE Pop-Up! Make sure to read my review or check out the Sanrio website to see when they’llbe somewhere near you!


This set cost $15. That means each macaron was $3 each!

Hello Kitty macaron with vanilla filling
hello kitty macaron

This macaron tasted like vanilla bean. The Hello Kitty face looked like it was dyed right on the macaron.

orange hello kitty macaron with citrus filling
Orange hello kitty macaron

I’m usually not a fan of lemon or citrus desserts but I liked this macaron very much! It tasted like a grapefruit lemon and the filling was like lemon custard. It was a perfect balance of sweet and sour. I couldn’t tell if it was strictly a lemon flavor or an orange flavor. The bow on top seemed to be white chocolate dyed pink!

green hello kitty macaron with nutty filling
Green hello kitty macaron

I didn’t get any particular flavor out of this macaron. It could’ve been an almond flavor or maybe a pistachio flavor. I personally couldn’t tell what it could’ve been but it tasted nutty. The bow which tasted like chocolate, I ate it alone instead of with the macaron,

red hello kitty macaron with jelly filling
red hello kitty macaron

I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of jelly macarons. They’re usually too tart and tangy for me. This one had a strawberry, or maybe raspberry jelly filling; I couldn’t tell which one. It was sweet but with a tart after taste. Since the bow was made out of chocolate, it added a little sweetness.

blue hello kitty macaron with chocolate filling
blue hello kitty macaron

I was expecting a vanilla bean or birthday cake but it turned out only the macaron was dyed blue; there was no particular taste. Surprisingly the filling was chocolate; it was slightly bitter like dark chocolate but it was creamy. Like all the other macarons, the bow I think is made of chocolate.

Would I buy again? Maybe.

The macarons were decently sized for the price and they were pretty tasty. However, I don’t think I would buy these again because I can go to a bakery that sells macarons and buy whatever flavors I want for a cheaper price. My favorites were the vanilla flavored macaron and the green nutty flavored one!

Hello Kitty Cafe Macarons
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