Have You Tasted These Poptart Like Hello Kitty Pies before?

Have You Tasted These Poptart Like Hello Kitty Pies before?

Last Updated on 2022/03/23

I was committed to get at least 1 of every treat from Hello Kitty Cafe Truck so I bought these Hello Kitty pies!

To be honest, I didn’t want to get the pies because I could tell from the image on the menu that the pies were more like cookies and not what I would consider a pie. I got them anyway because my curiosity won me over!

When I finally opened the box, these Hello Kitty pies actually looked like thick Poptarts. I know oven/fruit pockets stuffed with jelly are sometimes called pies but I was legitimately expecting mini baked pies stuffed with custard or fruit compote. 

Hello Kitty Pies from the Hello Kitty Café Truck
The Hello Kitty Cafe Pies!

As you can see, icing was drizzled on top with sprinkles and Hello Kitty’s signature bow was added on the right ear. I personally would’ve preferred more frosting; it would’ve been better if icing was all over the cookie instead of the drizzle. The bow was my favorite thing to eat at the end since you could just pull it clean off.


These cost $10; so that’s $5 per pie!

Nutritional Facts & Ingredients List

Unfortunately, the Hello Kitty pies didn’t come with nutrition facts, an allergens list or an ingredients list. I couldn’t find them anywhere on the box or on the separate baggies the pies came in like with the Hello Kitty Cookies!

hello kitty pies
The pies in their individual baggies!

The pies were soft. If you put them in your fridge to keep them fresh, make sure to let them sit out for a few minutes before eating them. I put mine in the fridge because I didn’t eat them right away. When I finally decided to eat them, they were pretty hard. I had them sit out for a few minutes to have them soften again.


The icing was an ordinary flavor; even the pink icing didn’t taste that different. I’m positive the bow was white chocolate dyed red. As far as I could tell, the dye didn’t affect the taste. As to the crust itself, it was like a buttery cookie. 

pink cookie filling

The filling was chocolate. I was expecting a berry jelly so at first I thought it was blueberry because of the dark color. As I ate towards the middle, what I tasted wasn’t fruity; it became clear that it was chocolate. It was rather mild; not too sweet or chocolatey. I wish there was more filling than cookie.

white cookie filling

The filling was strawberry. I was expecting this one to be like a vanilla cream or custard but was pleasantly surprised that this was the one strawberry filled. This was my favorite and went well with the chocolate bow.

Would I buy these again? No.

I’m happy that I tried them at least once but Poptart like pies aren’t my go to snack. Especially not for $5 a “Poptart”. I really wished the pies had a little more decor and filling. My favorite part were the chocolate bows! If the Hello Kitty Café Truck sold these chocolate bows as a box of chocolates, I’d buy them!

Hello Kitty Cafe Pies
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