Charming Hello Kitty Lunch Box Too Kawaii You Can’t Ignore!

Charming Hello Kitty Lunch Box Too Kawaii You Can’t Ignore!

Last Updated on 2020/09/07

I was happy I asked about this Hello Kitty lunch box when I went to the Milwaukee Pop-Up of the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck! Their menu didn’t have this item on the list. I found out they were selling this once I went up to order and saw it on the truck.

Hello Kitty lunch box from the Hello Kitty Cafe

This Hello Kitty lunch box is very pretty and the best kind; an old fashioned tin box. The lunch box has 2 different on the front and the back. I really love how the “cafe” side is embossed; you can run your fingers over it and feel the details of the image. I don’t make packed lunches anymore but I bought it because it was cute and I would use it to store my knick-knacks. Turns out there was popcorn and a button inside.

On the sides there’s 2 different rows of the Hello Kitty Cafe desserts they sell with sprinkles as a background. The handle collapses down against the lunch box so it’s not always sticking out.

I was excited after opening the box because I was expecting it to be empty! Inside was a Hello Kitty Café button and 2 packets of 28g of popcorn each. The popcorn was confetti cake flavored.

hello kitty lunch box and popcorn

The taste wasn’t as strong as the scent. On the bags it says that the popcorn is confetti cake flavored popcorn but it tasted like sweet buttered flavor. I expected it to be like Crunch & Munch or Cracker Jack but this popcorn was more buttery. If I had to choose a specific flavor to describe it as, it’s a buttery vanilla.


The popcorn isn’t as pretty as I thought it was going to be. It was yellowish with orange, purple, pink, blue, & yellow sprinkles. I was expecting like a white popcorn with pink and blue sprinkles.


This cost me $15. Normally I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on something I didn’t plan on using but after spending $12 on cookies and $15 on mini cakes, I figured adding another $15 on my bill for a lunch box made little difference. I already overspent anyway!

nutrition facts & ingredients

I’m glad that the popcorn actually came with these because a lot of their other snacks didn’t have this information.

Hello Kitty Popcorn nutition facts
Would I buy it again? No.

I bought this Hello Kitty lunch box for the lunch box not the popcorn and I don’t need another lunch box so I personally have no reason to buy another. Unless, I were buying it as a gift, this was a good 1 time purchase. I’m already using the lunch box to store my favorite momentos and trinkets!


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