Start Your Day with This Adorable Hello Kitty Mug & Keychain!

Start Your Day with This Adorable Hello Kitty Mug & Keychain!

Last Updated on 2020/09/08

While the Hello Kitty mug and the Hello Kitty keychain are both absolutely kawaii, I didn’t buy this merch. A friend of mine went with me to the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Pop-up in Milwaukee and got these 2 items. Since I don’t care much for the material products they had on sale, I asked my friend if she could take photos of her merch. Don’t get me wrong, these are super cute but I’d rather spend money on sweets! \(^-^ ;;) That’s why I spent over $75USD on Hello Kitty themed snacks!

Hello Kitty mug, Hello Kitty keychain, stickers, button
The Hello Kitty Cafe mug & keychain!
hello kitty mug

If you read my post about the Hello Kitty Cafe pop-up in Milwaukee, then you know that when you buy this Hello Kitty mug, a staff member has you check your mug in front of them to make sure the mug wasn’t broken or damaged. After checking the mug and having it put back in the box, the staff drops in some Hello Kitty Cafe stickers and a pin.

As you can see, the handle is in the shape of Hello Kitty’s iconic bow. On the lower part of the mug, there’s the same Hello Kitty Cafe desserts collage. Inside the mug, at the bottom is a image of Hello Kitty wishing you a sweet day. It’s a pretty simple mug but still really cute and great quality. You can see how it’s shiny and silky looking even with minimal light.


This mug costs $14USD at the Hello Kitty Cafe pop-up!

Hello Kitty mug
hello kitty keychain

I really wanted this keychain but I decided it was too pretty to use. What’s the point of buying a keychain I won’t put around my keys? As you can see, the keychain is pretty big. It’s as tall as the mug; you can compare in the first image of this post. What makes it unique in my opinion, is that it’s in the shape of a coffee to-go cup. Unfortunately I don’t have an image of the keychain out of it’s packaging but I know what the keychain looks like since it’s on the menu and the same image is used on the pins & stickers.


This keychain costs $6.50USD at the Hello Kitty Cafe pop-up!

hello kitty keychain
The Hello Kitty Cafe keychain!
hello kitty café stickers

If you look closely, the image on these stickers are exactly the same as the one on the keychain, minus all the words. It’s the same image used on all the other Hello Kitty Cafe merchandise.


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