Samlip (삼립)’s Honey Dew Melon Cake!

Samlip (삼립)’s Honey Dew Melon Cake!

I don’t know about you but I love roll cakes; they go especially well with ice cream. A few months ago I had this amazing Japanese Melon bread in NYC that I knew I wouldn’t find anywhere else but because of that, I really wanted to try this Korean melon cake.

samlip melon cake

Samlip (삼립) is a pretty common brand in South Korea. Having tried some of their other products before, I was hoping this would be pretty good as well. I found this melon cake while visiting the downtown Hmart in Chicago!

log melon cage

The cake looks small but it’s lengthy; I would say it’s about 6 in (15.24cm) it’s big enough to share with several other people. I’m not sure if it was the swirl on top is chocolate or just darker bread. The inside of the roll is filled with green filling, flavored like honey dew melon.

samlip melon cake

The cake bread is flavored like melon as well as the filling. However the filling flavor is much stronger than the bread. The filling is very sweet; to me it was somewhat grainy as well. The bread is somewhat dry but the filling helps make the pastry moist.

Would I buy it again? No.

I think there are many other melon flavored pastries out there that I would enjoy more. This melon cake was too sweet and too dry for me. It’s also too big; I could share this cake with 3 or 4 other people. I think it makes a great treat to cut into smaller portions and try it with ice cream or for a simple treat for a tea party.

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