Kellogg’s UNICORN cereal!

This limited edition cereal was released about 2 months ago or so. The unicorn craze has been spreading for the last 2 years. I’m not too crazy about unicorns but I do like the theme because I like all things kawaii. Naturally, I had to try this cereal.

I have a thing for cereal. It’s literally one of the most satisfying snack there is. It’s usually sweet, crunchy, has some vitamins and fiber, an then there’s the milk which acts like a “beverage” when you finish your bowl. Whether you like to add the milk before the cereal or the cereal before the milk, check out my review below to see if you or your kids would enjoy this cereal:

Compared to the scent, the taste is rather mild. I thought it would be very sweet, as most unicorn or magic themed snacks are, but this wasn’t so sweet to me. On the box it claims that the flavor is cupcake magic. I assumed it would be similar to birthday cake or a strawberry cake. I can’t pinpoint an exact flavor but I did have hints of fruit, mostly berries. If you like to let your cereal soak, be aware that the coated sugar comes off rather quickly. This is what I noticed a couple times when I scooped from the bottom of the bowl. Each color has a variation of the same flavor or at least when I tried each color alone, they tasted slightly different. The pink had a sweeter taste while the purple seemed less sweet.

Appearance of the Cereal
The loops come in 3 different colors: pink, blue and purple with white bits on them. The cereal reminded me of Apple Jacks because of the white bits. It also reminded me of Froot Loops because of the fruity flavor. I was expecting some other type of shape because it’s supposed to be “magical” and unicorn themed but I guess they decided to keep it simple and choke safe for kids.

This can differ depending on your location; as far as I know, these are only available in the U.S. Prices range between $2.50 – $4USD. I bought it for $2.50USD but I saw them for up to $4USD in different stores. Places I’ve found this cereal: Walmart, Woodman’s & Walgreen’s. 

My 8 year old niece’s review
I wasn’t expecting to get a child’s opinion to be honest but my niece’s new obsession this year has been unicorns and natural she found her way to finding this cereal on her own. 

I was surprised to find out that she didn’t the cereal. In fact, she didn’t finish the first bowl. It was odd to me because I actually thought the cereal was passable. They’re not the best but I thought they were good. My niece added that the reason she didn’t like them was because they were too sweet! Amazing! I’m laughing as I’m typing this because as I said above, I thought they were mildly sweet.


Actually, I bought the cereal 3 times. After my first box, I wasn’t convinced that the cereal was neither good nor bad. It was okay and I enjoyed it. I went to the store and they had a special of 2 for $5 and I gave in, thinking I wouldn’t mind eating the cereal again. Turns out after my 2nd box I was over this cereal. It was good but compared to Kellogg’s other regular cereals, this can’t compete.

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