Samlip (삼립)’s Sweet Potato Cheesecake, surprisingly delicious !

Samlip (삼립)’s Sweet Potato Cheesecake, surprisingly delicious !

Here’s another item I got from Chicago’s Hmart in downtown. There were 3 options at the store: The original cheesecake, mocha cheesecake or this sweet potato cheesecake (고구마치즈케익). I figured the original and mocha wouldn’t taste new to me so I decided to try the sweet potato one.

samlip sweet potato cheesecake

It’s a Korean product by the brand called Samlip (삼립) by SPC Group. I’m not huge on whether something is one brand or the other but I have bought Samlip brand products before. You can see what other products and brands they have in the link above!


The cake is about 2.5ins big in diameter and 1.76oz (50g) according to the package label.


The cake cost around $2 with taxes.


I really liked the texture of this cake; the consistency was similar to that of a pound cake. It’s soft, bouncy and moist. 


The cake was sweet and creamy. It actually tasted like taro to me it’s good by itself or with a hot drink or cold milk. Though the packaging says frozen, I didn’t try it frozen. Since it’s cake, I preferred it soft and fluffy and I didn’t know if it would harden if I put it in the freezer.

samlip korean sweet potato cheesecake
Would I buy it again? I definitely will!

I love the texture and the taste. I probably won’t be eating these frequently but I’ll occasionally indulge in one of these again with some coffee.

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