Samlip (삼립): Sweet Potato Cheesecake!

Here’s another item I got from Chicago’s Hmart in downtown. There were 3 options at the store: The original cheesecake, mocha cheesecake or this sweet potato cheesecake (고구마치즈케익). I figured the original and mocha wouldn’t taste new to me so I decided to try the sweet potato one.

It’s a Korean product by the brand called Samlip (삼립). I’m not huge on whether something is one brand or the other but I have bought Samlip brand products before.

The cake is about 2.5ins big in diameter and 1.76oz (50g) according to the package label.

The cake cost around $2 with taxes.

Nutritional facts and Ingredients for the cake!

The cake was sweet and creamy. It actually tasted like taro to me it’s good by itself or with a hot drink or cold milk. Though the packaging says frozen, I didn’t try it frozen. Since it’s cake, I preferred it soft and fluffy and I didn’t know if it would harden if I put it in the freezer.

I really liked the texture of this cake; the consistency was similar to that of a pound cake. It’s soft, bouncy and moist. 

Would I buy it again? I definitely will!

I love the texture and the taste. I probably won’t be eating these frequently but I’ll occasionally indulge in one of these again with some coffee.

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