Fibe Mini: The Cute Tiny Pink Japanese Drink!

Fibe Mini: The Cute Tiny Pink Japanese Drink!

Whenever I’m in Downtown Chicago, I always stop at the new H-Mart near Union Station. Though it’s rather small, it sure beats having to go to the other location in Civic Center Plaza when I want some Korean and Japanese snacks.

fibe mini japanese drink

I bought the Fibe Mini (ファイブミニ) drink simply because it was cute. The bottle is small, about 5 inches tall holding 100 ml. It’s made out of glass with micro indents for what I assume are for supported gripping.

What’s Fibe Mini?

From my short search on the internet, Fibe Mini is a brand drink under Otsuka Pharmaceutical. The drink is supposed to be a carbonated drink with vitamins & fiber. This is what I found on their website Otsuka!


This tiny drink cost me $2 at Hmart, which isn’t bad for a first try.


I couldn’t pinpoint an exact flavor; to me it tasted like grapefruit with a hint of lemon. I took a look at the ingredients but there were no specific fruits listed.  It was sweet on the 1st sip but sour as I swallowed. It’s very fizzy as well.


It’s pretty satisfying I would say. It leaves your mouth with the same feeling as lemonade does on a hot day. 

On the left is information about Fibe Mini that I found on the Otsuka Pharmaceutical website. If you click the image, it will direct you to their website.

I bought this drink unaware that it’s supposed to be a dietary drink. When I drank it, I didn’t feel anything special, but I also only had it once, so I wouldn’t notice any effects anyway. If the drink does what it says, this would be so much easier than eating things with fiber or having to take supplements daily. Sometimes I don’t want to do either, so a supplemental drink would be great!

You can find the ingredients and the nutrition facts as well. I think my favorite part is that the drink its made pink with tomato; “tomato pigment” is listed in the ingredient list.

Would I buy it again? I probably won’t.

It’s not my type of drink and I don’t really like how bubbly it is. It says it contains fiber but I have no way of seeing if it truly does or what benefits you could get from drinking it versus getting the fiber through other food and supplements. Maybe if it was more readily available to me, I would consider it but unfortunately, I don’t live in Japan and imported products in stores change quickly; I just don’t know when I’ll find this again. It’s still a good and very cute drink. Go try it out yourselves! (o^-^)o

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