Fibe Mini: The Tiny Pink Japanese Drink!

Whenever I’m in Downtown Chicago, I always stop at the new H-Mart near Union Station. Though it’s rather small, it sure beats having to go to the other location in Civic Center Plaza when I want some Korean and Japanese snacks.

I bought the Fibe Mini (ファイブミニ) drink simply because it was cute. The bottle is small, about 5 inches tall holding 100 ml. It’s made out of glass with micro indents for what I assume are for supported gripping.

This tiny drink cost me $2 which isn’t bad for a first try.

From my short search on the internet, Fibe Mini is supposed to be a carbonated drink with vitamins & fiber. This is what I found on their website!

I couldn’t pinpoint an exact flavor; to me it tasted like grapefruit with a hint of lemon. I took a look at the ingredients but there were no specific fruits listed.  It was sweet on the 1st sip but sour as I swallowed. It’s very fizzy as well.

It’s pretty satisfying I would say. It leaves your mouth with the same feeling as lemonade does on a hot day. 

As you can see from the picture, there’s the list of ingredients. Depending on the taste of the drink, I don’t really care if there’s High Fructose Corn Syrup in it; this drink was so fizzy, it didn’t affect the texture.

I will point out that they used tomato to color the drink pink; I thought it was real neat that the color is natural and not artificial.

Would I buy it again? I probably won’t.

It’s not my type of drink and I don’t really like how bubbly it is. It says it contains fiber but I have no way of seeing if it truly does or what benefits you could get from drinking it versus getting the fiber through other food and supplements. It’s still a good and very cute drink. Go try it out yourselves! (o^-^)o

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