Club Makihara: Milk Baum (ミルクバウム)!

I tried more wonderful items from Chicago’s Hmart downtown: the Milk Baum (ミルクバウム) & Matcha Baum (抹茶バウム) by Club Makihara.

Read my following review on the Milk Baum! Click on this link to read my review on the Matcha Baum!

In Japan they’re called baumkuchen (バームクーヘン) but the place of origin is actually Germany (though many still debate this). It’s similar to a log cake except the layers are thinner, the cake resembles a tree stomp instead of a log.

I was filled with excitement at the thought of unrolling it. I’m not sure why I thought this; for those who are curious, no, it didn’t unroll as smoothly as I thought it would.

The Milk Baum wasn’t too sweet. It tasted like milk which is good. Sometimes when you buy milk flavored pastries, it really just tastes like vanilla but this actually had a hint of milk. It was moist and went well with milk (any milk is fine, I personally had it with almond milk). 

This cake was very light and soft. The layers make it easy to break apart; I think that’s one reason why the cake is moist. 

The Nutritional Facts and Ingredients!

Would I buy this again? Yes!

I really enjoyed this cake. It makes a really nice light snack with a drink. Maybe next time I’ll try it with warm coffee.


  1. Halimah Farah

    I bought it three times last couple weeks. N I just bought it again today. I love it so much. I’m from Indonesia. It reminds me of Kue Lapis so much (layers cake in indonesian language). N it is my favorite cake in the whole world.

    My question, where I can buy it on line?
    I am afraid the store that I bought it today won’t sell it anymore. I grabbed the last six of them today.

    I’m waiting for my answer.
    Thank you.

    1. yumdroplets

      Thank you for reading my review and for your comment. I’m glad you were able to try this cake!

      Unfortunately I don’t know where this can be found online. I was never able to find the company website in Japanese either. I found this cake by chance in a city a bit far from where I live because they don’t sell it where I am. Sometimes it’s hard to find it even in Japanese stores in the US.

      I would recommend talking to the store manager where you shop. Let them know that you like the cake and ask them when they will order it again so they know you will keep buying the cake from them. If they see that they can make money by having the cake, they might keep it in their store.

      GoodLuck! \(^-^o)

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