Club Makihara: Matcha Baum (抹茶バウム)!

I tried more awesome items from downtown Chicago’s Hmart: the Milk Baum (ミルクバウム) & Matcha Baum (抹茶バウム) by Club Makihara.

Read my following review on the Matcha Baum! Click on this link to read my review on the Milk Baum!

In Japan they’re called baumkuchen (バームクーヘン) but the place of origin is actually Germany (though many still debate this). It’s similar to a log cake except the layers are thinner. The cake resembles a tree stomp instead of a log.

Not only was this cake interesting to look at but for some reason, it also made me think that these thin layers made the cake more moist than a regular slice of cake.

It tasted like matcha flavored pound cake. It reminded me of matcha mochi but with a buttery taste. This matcha isn’t bitter; it’s sweet. It goes well with a beverage like milk, coffee or chocolate. I ate this with an iced matcha latte with little sugar so the bitterness of the latte blended well with the sweet and buttery taste of the cake.

It was soft and very light. I was hoping to be able to eat this one by peeling the layers but it wasn’t easy to peel them off.

The Nutritional Facts and Ingredients!

Would I buy this again? Yes!

Between the milk baum and this one, the matcha has to be my favorite. Though I like my matcha less sweet and more bitter, I really enjoyed the matcha baum with

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