BIGGA (บิ๊กก้า) Chocolate Corn Chips!

BIGGA (บิ๊กก้า) Chocolate Corn Chips!

When I saw these chips I had to buy them. Snacks like these are common in various Asian countries but they’re new to me. I’m not a huge fan of Asian sweet chips but I’m always too curious to pass up tasting something new. You never know what you might like!

Click the following link, if you’re interested in the BIGGA (บิ๊กก้า) Vanilla Milk Corn Chips!

I plugged in BIGGA in Google and found out it’s a brand from Thailand owned by a company called Big One (as far as I’m aware). Check out their website to see what else they sell!

But onto tasting the BIGGA (บิ๊กก้า) Chocolate Corn Chips (รสช็อกโกแลต)!

They’re exactly like every other puff chip. It’s crunchy but it melts in your mouth. They’re dry both in the mouth and in the hand. They actually reminded me of these rice puff sticks I used to buy.

These were extremely sweet. At first I was pleasantly surprised that they tasted like chocolate cereal but much, MUCH sweeter. It was also slightly salty which I think made it sweeter. For me it was too sweet but it was also addicting. I worked my way through half the bag before I had enough.

The bag is 45 grams; I would say only half the bag was filled with perhaps 50 chips.

The ingredients are the following: Corn, Sugar, Skim Powdered Milk, Cocoa Powder, Veggie Oil, Salt With Iodine & Artificial Flavor.

These cost me 79 US cents at Pacific Produce in Milwaukee.

The nutritional facts & ingredients list!

Will I buy this again? No.

I loved that they were chocolatey and made into puffs since I tend to melt puff chips in my mouth instead of chewing them but I honestly don’t see myself buying these again. These were just too sweet!

There’s a milk flavor of these chips! Check out my review for those right here: BIGGA (บิ๊กก้า) Vanilla Milk Corn Chips!

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