BIGGA (บิ๊กก้า) Vanilla Milk Corn Chips!

BIGGA (บิ๊กก้า) Vanilla Milk Corn Chips!

I finally found them! What luck! If you read my review on BIGGA (บิ๊กก้า) Chocolate Corn Chips, you know that I found a different BIGGA flavor which happens to be these BIGGA (บิ๊กก้า) Vanilla Milk Corn Chips (รสวานิลลามิลค์ ).

Here’s my review!

I’m not entirely sure why I was determined to find these and try them. If I remember correctly, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Chocolate BIGGA; I didn’t even finish the bag because it was too sweet for me. I guess I was hoping the Vanilla Milk Flavor would be more to my liking.

These felt like Cheetos puff; they’re basically corn puff chips. There’s a bit of powder on the chips, which I assumed it might be some milk powder or sugar.

The smell is very strong and very sweet, like sugar cookies. The scent is what got me real excited after I opened the bag.

I’m happy to say that these aren’t too sweet, at least to me. They taste a lot like milk and corn; not so much vanilla. The taste reminded me a bit of the cereal Corn Pops.

These cost me 79 US cents at Pacific Produce in Milwaukee.

I took a look and compared the nutritional facts of the Vanilla Milk & Chocolate BIGGA. I’m surprised to say that the Vanilla Milk BIGGA had more sugar and more sodium. I’m not entirely sure why to me the Chocolate BIGGA were sweeter; maybe I didn’t like the flavor as much. Whatever the case, I like the Vanilla Milk a little more than the Chocolate.

Some I noticed (and probably missed on the Chocolate BIGGA review) is that the bag claims that these are “highly nutritious”. I don’t know if they are or aren’t; you guys should grab a bag and let me know what you think! I personally didn’t feel like they were “highly nutritious”; they don’t look it or taste it, and I certainly didn’t feel it.

Would I buy again? Probably not.

I don’t have anything against these BIGGA corn chips but I’ve had other chips from Thailand that I’d rather buy instead of these. Aside for the fact that these were cheap, I probably wouldn’t have bought them.

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