ToreOre (또래오래) in Hmart Niles!

ToreOre (또래오래) in Hmart Niles!

I was recently in Chicago for the Taste of Korea Festival and decided to stop by Hmart Niles on Civic Center Plaza. After buying a few Korean snacks, I notice a shop I hadn’t seen before.

Just my luck, it was a Korean fried chicken shop called ToreOre. I was so thrilled I bought an entire order just for me.

You’re probably wondering what the big deal is. A whole order? Korean fried chicken? Let me explain!

This particular shop gives you what essentially would be an entire chicken for an order, or at least, they give you the same amount of chicken that would equate to a whole chicken.

There are many options & PRICES:

  • Marinaded Fried Chicken: $15.99USD
  • Sweet Spicy Chicken: $17.99USD
  • Garlic Tasty Chicken: $17.99USD
  • Marinade Chicken Nugget: $16.99USD
  • Spicy Chicken Nugget: $17.99USD
  • Hot Sweet & Spicy Chicken: $17.99USD
  • Hot Spicy BBQ Wing: $17.99USD

I bought the Garlic Tasty. It came with pickled radishes which is one of my favorite sides for Korea meals. The reason I love Korean fried chicken is because it maintains it’s crunchiness and freshness even after it sits in a to-go box for a while. Do that with American fried chicken and it’ll get soggy within 10 minutes. A lot of shops I’ve gone to also make your food upon ordering; though it may take a bit more time, fresh food beats fast food! Also, the majority of Korean fried chicken I’ve had has always been moist. I don’t think I’ve ever had dry Korean fried chicken.

Whomever says KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken has never had Korean Fried Chicken!

You should definitely try this chicken! The price is pretty high so if you’re looking for a cheap meal, this probably won’t be it. However, if you’re looking for satisfying fried chicken with potentially having some left overs, definitely check this place out! Besides, the chicken box is so cute!

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