Pegasus Takes Flight with DRINK NYC in Time Square!

Pegasus Takes Flight with DRINK NYC in Time Square!

While on a trip to New York City with my family, we hurried to Times Square as soon as we landed. As we walked in the center of Times Square I spotted a very interesting drink called Pegasus Takes Flight!

I had never heard or seen this place before from the multiple times I’ve been to NYC so I was very surprised to have found it.

Unfortunately when I went to order my own Pegasus Takes Flight drink, they were sold out! They couldn’t make me the specialty drink. I was pretty disappointed but it was hot outside and I wanted a drink so I decided to still order something.

If you take a look at their menu, the Pegasus Takes Flight drink is described as a “magical blend of white chocolate and milk with your choice of flavor enhancement”. Essentially it’s a chocolate and dairy based drink with some flavor.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to order because I really wanted the specialty drink. The barista was so nice that she offered to make me any drink I wanted and decorate it like the Pegasus Takes Flight.

I ordered the Piña Colada smoothie!

My Pegasus Takes Flight & Piña Colada mix!

It was really good. The balance between coconut and pineapple was decent though there was a stronger pineapple flavor. If you have a sweet tooth then you would really enjoy this drink since it was extremely sweet.

It was a very hot summer day and I remember thinking “wow, this is so sweet, it’s making me more thirsty”. It was definitely delicious but I ended up buying another, more thirst quenching drink after finishing it.

On the right is the Pegasus Takes Flight/Piña Colada Smoothie and on the left is a mango slushie!

My drink cost me $7.24USD plus taxes. I was charged an additional fee for the decorations even though smoothies cost $6.24USD.

The main difference between my drink and the specialty drink, according to the barista is that it didn’t have any white chocolate. I’m not sure if they add milk to their smoothies; I know certain places do. However, I do know my smoothie had milk in it because the barista was trying to recreate the specialty drink but without the white chocolate because they were out of that ingredient.

Would I go again? Probably not!

Their prices are a little too high for me. I’d rather go to Tous Les Jours or Paris Baguette; 7-Eleven has real cheap slushies too. I would be interested in their Red Velvet Frappe though.

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