I Found Bourbon’s Cute Mini Every Burger Cookies!

I Found Bourbon’s Cute Mini Every Burger Cookies!

That’s right! These are burger shaped cookies; Every Burger Cookies by Bourbon. I found them in Chicago’s Mitsuwa Marketplace!

These were absolutely too cute! The box was so vibrantly red and the burger shaped cookies seemed to call out, “buy me”! I just had to try them!

Every Burger Cookies

These Every Burger Cookies is a Bourbon (プルボン) product! If you haven’t heard of Bourbon (no, not the alcohol), it’s a Japanese brand. You can find more information on their US website that lists Japanese snacks they sell in the U.S.A. You can find additional products on their Japanese website.

As you can see, the cookie does look similar to a burger. There’s sesames on the top of the cookie “bun“, followed by the cookie cream “cheese“, then the chocolate “patty” and ending with a cookie “bun“. In total, you get 16 cookies!

Some advice: If the box isn’t kept somewhere cool, the chocolate and creme might melt making some of the cookies look messy and skewed, but they’re still cute regardless.

You get 16 of these little guys to enjoy!

I bought them for nearly $3. A little over the top for some miniature cookies but not bad for a one time taste test!

Overall the cookie is very good. It’s not too sweet and it kind of tastes like a chocolate covered biscuit cookie.

  • The “buns“: These taste like a regular butter vanilla cookie.
  • The “cheese“: This was like the Oreo cream. It was a creamy vanilla flavor.
  • The “patty“: The chocolate was smooth; it wasn’t hard. It was very chocolatey; It actually tasted a lot like Hershey’s kiss.
The Nutritional Fact & Ingredients!
Would I buy it again? Maybe.

I loved tasting these but they’re not exactly something I would eat everyday. I tried it with my younger sibling and they loved it. We made cute double stack burgers! Who wants to try to out-stack us?

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