Sip & Purr: Milwaukee’s First Cat Cafe!

Sip & Purr: Milwaukee’s First Cat Cafe!

I bet you’ve heard of cat cafes before! Well, Milwaukee just go their very first one.

The last time I was at a cat cafe I was in Toronto, Canada. I thought it was pretty cool so it’s nice that these types of businesses were popping up in the U.S. as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play with any cats because they were closing in an hour and the last group that went in to play with cats had already started their session. However, I did take a look around the cafe and bought a delicious dessert!

You can find their menus online at Sip&Purr!

As you can see, this isn’t a regular cafe. It has a pretty extensive menu. The barista let me know that their best seller was Nacho’s Nacho, named after their black cat Nacho. What a perfect name for a dish; doesn’t it have a fun ring to it!

Left: Photo of inside the cat lounge from bar seating.
Right: Photo of a cat inside the cat lounge from outdoor seating.

The cafe itself is very small. You can sit nearly anywhere and see the cats inside the cat lounge. There is bar seating right in front of the cat lounge too, so you can be as close as possible to watch others play with the cats. Aside from the back of the house, the cafe is very open; you can see the baristas working and all the equipment they use.

What really surprised me about this cafe compared to all other cat cafes I’ve been to was that they let you go into the cat lounge with food and drinks. I’ve never seen or heard of that anywhere else. In fact, when I was at TOT the Toronto cat cafe, I wanted to go into their cat room as well as order a drink but they didn’t allow drinks into the room. I only had an hour to spend before I had to be somewhere else so I left. I would’ve bought my coffee there but guess what? They also only accepted cash! What a great way to start my morning; I ended up having breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.

Since it is a cat cafe, a lot of the decorations are cat themed; you can spot a cat nearly everywhere in the building but the cafe feels like a very nice and calming place. I didn’t really notice all the cat figurines and decor until I started looking around. If you notice in the center photo above, they put out free stickers of a different cat once a week; the one in that photo is Nacho.

Since their goal is to keep these cats comfortable during each session and also to get them adopted, the rules and adoption questions are placed in easy to spot places on the walls outside the cat lounge. There are also flyers at the register with more information.

To play with the cats for an hour:

  • Walk-ins are $10 per person regardless of age.
  • Students get $5 with a school ID.

Check out their website Sip&Purr for more information and deals! They offer all kinds of services too! They have special events like yoga with cats, and if you want to plan a special cat party for your kids or friends, they offer those services as well.

Left: I bought the cheesecake to go since they were closing soon. Right: I platted the cheesecake with the vanilla bean whipped cream on top.

Before leaving, I ordered their Vanilla Bean Cheesecake.

While I wasn’t too happy about the hefty price of $6 USD plus taxes for a tiny slice, it was indeed delicious.

The cheesecake came with a cookie base, the vanilla bean cheesecake, a dollop of vanilla bean whipped cream, pears and raspberries. To be honest, the cheesecake itself didn’t taste like vanilla bean. I could taste a hint of vanilla bean but not much; the flavor of the cream cheese was much stronger. The whipped cream was really good, I could taste the vanilla bean in it. The pears were also very delicious. They were caramelized with sugar and cinnamon, but I think they could’ve been cooked a little longer. The center was still hard and it would’ve been better if I could easily cut through them along with the cheesecake. The raspberries were regular, fresh berries.

Would I enjoy this type of business? Definitely.

While I personally haven’t gone into the pet lounges at these animal cafes, I’ve thought of it as a very fun and relaxing alternative outing. This is also a great alternative for animal lovers who may not want to have pets or can’t have any where they live. Even better, for a parent who’s child demands a pet but doesn’t want to, taking kids to these places may give them time to indulge in their desires without going through the responsibility and costs of owning a pet.

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