Creamy Japanese Bourbon Baum Roll Cake!

Creamy Japanese Bourbon Baum Roll Cake!

Last Updated on 2021/09/01

Here is another Bourbon (ブルボン) brand snack; the Bourbon Baum Roll Cake. These are one of my most favorite mini cake snacks!

I found this Bourbon Baum Roll ( バームロール ) treat many years ago and fell in love with them immediately. I personally find these quite addicting. First you’re trying just one, then you’re having just one more, and finally you’re down to the last one in the bag.

These are tasty, convenient and perfectly sized. I’ve used these for a grab-and-go snack, for late night snack, for “the munchies” snack and for the “I want to eat sweets and not feel guilty about it”.

Bourbon Baum Roll ( バームロール )

A baumroll is a rolled wheat cake. It’s essentially what westerners might call a cake roll, a log cake, yule log, and many other names that differ depending what country you come from, but it’s all the same thing. Most known one would be the swiss roll. Main difference is that a “baum” cake is traditionally made with many thin layers instead of one thick layer of cake with cream wedged inside.

Bourbon has a large selection of snacks but only a few are sold in the US. You can find more information on their US website. You can find additional products (that may or may not be available in the US) on their Japanese website.


I bought these at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Chicago but these are a pretty popular Japanese snack in the US as far as I know; I always see it at most Asian stores.


These cost me $1.99USD.


You get 8 individually packed baumrolls.

bourbon japanese baum roll cake

It’s milky and buttery. It’s has a creamy vanilla flavor but sometimes get a hint of lemon for some reason.


It’s very soft and very moist. The frosting cream covering the cake is prone to smearing and melting so it’s best to keep these somewhere cool.


Bourbon Baum Roll ingredients
These are the Nutritional Facts & Ingredients. The left side has the English & on the right is the Japanese.
Would I buy these again? Yup!

From what you read in the beginning, it’s easy to tell that this isn’t my first time buying these Bourbon Baum Roll Cakes. It’s definitely worth a try. It may not be the most kawaii Japanese treat you’ll encounter but it’s definitely a good one.

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