Bolts Meccano Kits: Plane!

Bolts Meccano Kits: Plane!

As much as I love food, I also love puzzles, kits and mini build projects. While taking a stroll through Dollar Tree, an American equivalent of 100 yen stores, Daiso or Poundland, I found this mini kit.

If you’re interested in reading about the other Bolt Meccano Kits I’ve built, read my review post about Bolts / Erector Meccano $1 Model Kits! This collection includes models for a race car, a helicopter, a biplane, a regular car and a bulldozer!

It was hard to resist so I bought 2 of the 6 kits available: this plane kit and a race car kit. The kit looked very basic so I was trying to decide whether it was worth buying. I convinced myself considering that even if I wasn’t momentarily entertained by the kit, I would only be losing out on $1USD.

If you do a quick search online, you will find that the Meccano brand has an online website. They sell a variety of other more complex kits than these.

As I said above, I bought this at the Dollar Tree, dollar store for $1USD plus taxes.

The box says this kit brings 30 pieces total plus the tools needed to build the plane. I counted 32 pieces plus the tools so you will have 2 pieces extra.

I’d say they’re good quality. Since they’re toy kits made of bolts and nuts, I thought the possibility of defective pieces would be higher but everything was perfect.

I would say certain parts of the model can be difficult. The instructions may be harder to follow for kids since they’re not a step-by-step instruction manual; it’s a diagram on the back of the box. There are certain parts that need to be put together before other because it can be difficult to connect later on. For example, you’ll want the front of the plane built before connecting it to the middle and sides of the plane. Same thing for the wings, you’ll want that completed and attached before connecting the sides to the back of the plane.

Would I buy more? Yup!

It was an interesting kit. If you like to building kits and collecting things, you’ll hit a point when you “burn-out”, especially on those more complicated models and never ending collections. I think this makes a fun distraction kit; it’s easy, cheap but keeps you on that build mentality. And of course, I think it’s great for kids since it’s intended audience is children.

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