The Bolts Meccano Race Car: $1 Mini Model Kit!

The Bolts Meccano Race Car: $1 Mini Model Kit!

After seeing how neat the plane kit was, I was glad I bought the Bolts Meccano race car kit too.

If you’re interested in reading about the other Bolt Meccano Kits I’ve built, read my review post about Bolts / Erector Meccano $1 Model Kits! This collection includes models for a biplane, a helicopter, a regular plane, a regular car and a bulldozer! This is the 2nd kit I bought at the Dollar Tree dollar store along with the plane kit.

bolts meccano race car kit
Here is both front & back of the box. The back of the box has the instructions.

You can always do a quick search on the Meccano website for other kits but it doesn’t seem like they sell the Bolts kits. Funny enough, when I did a search for “bolts meccano”, Dollar Tree showed up, among a bunch of other places you can purchase the kits. Some have the kits for crazy high prices, for example on Ebay & Amazon, the 6 kit set can cost up $20USD or more but you can get a 24 kits case with the 6 kit variety online at the Dollar Tree website for $24USD plus taxes and/or shipping. At that price, it makes a great party favor or for a kids science play date.


I bought this at the Dollar Tree for $1USD plus taxes.

bolts meccano race car instructions

The box says this kit brings 30 pieces total plus the tools needed to build the plane. I counted 32 pieces plus the tools so you’ll have 2 pieces extra.


It was good quality like the plane kit. I’m glad that the wheels actually turn so after building these, kids can still play with them. You can also tighten the nuts so the wheels don’t roll if you’re planning on only display the models.


Compared to the plane kit, this one was easy to me. You get a diagram of the model on the back of the box, so the instructions may be harder to follow for kids since they’re not a step-by-step instruction manual. There are certain parts that need to be put together before others; I didn’t into this problem with this kit but that’s probably because I took note of this while building the plane kit.

bolts meccano race car
Would I buy more? As a collector, if I find these again, I would like to get all the models.

The Bolts Meccano race car was an interesting kit. I like that the kits are simple and anyone could essentially create their own by going to a hardware store. You can make anything if you buy a few nuts, bolts, washers, brackets and straps. (o^-^)o

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