The Grinch takes over IHOP!

The Grinch takes over IHOP!

Last Updated on 2021/09/01

I did a thing! A Grinchy thing!

I went to IHOP because “it’s beginning to look a lot like Grinchmas”!

Sorry, that was terrible! If you haven’t noticed, I love the Grinch; it’s one of my favorite childhood stories and one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books. As soon as I saw the news, I needed to go to IHOP and have the “Grinch’s Green Pancakes” and the “Minty Who Hot Chocolate”.

These were my favorite funny “quotes” at the restaurant!

So if you’re not aware, IHOP is doing a Grinch promotion for the recent remake of the Grinch which started showing in theatres this Friday. In addition to the awesome Grinch inspired dishes, children 12 and under can get a kids’ entrée for free with the purchase of an adult entrée.

Kids Eat Free: 12 and under from 4 – 10pm!

I went with a friend who was also curious about the Grinch themed food. When we got there, we were attended immediately by a very attentive waiter.

I didn’t get to take pictures of their regular menu; sometimes they add some new goodies and I was also curious about their new expansion to making burgers. Any WHO, I did take pictures of their Grinchy menu. It’s not very extensive but it does provide all the options and matches you can have along with the Grinch themed foods.

the grinch pancakes
Grinch’s Green Pancakes

These looked amazing when the waiter brought them; I couldn’t contain my excitement! The pancakes are topped with icing, heart shaped sprinkles and whipped cream.

  • The Pancakes: These were dyed buttermilk pancakes. They don’t have any mint flavor or anything special.
  • The white icing: My friend commented that it was similar to the icing used on cinnamon buns. On their website, it says that it’s cream cheese icing but it tasted like regular icing to me. Smooth at first but began to crystallize over time. My friend thought it was too sweet but I thought it was a decent amount of sweetness.
  • Sprinkles: I loved that these were heart shaped. An amazing touch, in my opinion! My friend said the sprinkles tasted a lot like sweet tarts and I agreed with her.
  • Whipped Cream: It was only dyed whipped cream.

the grinch ihop minty who hot cocoa
Minty Who Hot Chocolate

It’s been a while since I’ve gone to IHOP. When this ADULT size hot cocoa came out, I was surprised at how big the mug was. It looked so good. You get the minty hot cocoa topped with whipped cream and heart shaped sprinkles.

  • The Cocoa: The chocolate was a minty chocolate. As opposed to buying mint flavored hot chocolate, their website states that they poured a mint syrup into the hot chocolate instead.
  • Whipped Cream: This is the same whipped cream used on the pancakes.
  • The Sprinkles: Same as the ones on the pancakes. They were cute to look at but made the hot cocoa difficult to drink.
  • ADDITIONAL CRITIQUE: This drink was so cute and delicious but a warning to the squeamish, if the chocolate goes cold before you mix in the whipped cream, don’t try to mix it. I did this and it turned into a lumpy greenish brown slop. It was pretty gross to look at.
The Who-Roast Beast Omelet

I had no idea that this was part of the Grinch themed menu until I got to the restaurant and of course, I ordered it! I was determined to have everything Grinch! This surprised me when it arrived. I immediately understood why our waiter looked at me concerned when I ordered it. This platter was a mean one, even for the Grinch. It was huge!

the grinch ihop who roast beast omelet
  • The Omelet: It was stuffed with beef steak, much like the one used for Philly cheese steak. The omelet was full of onions, shredded potato, cheese and a spicy barbecue sauce drizzle. It was rather bland for me and I had to add some salt and pepper.
  • The Steak: The steak was soft and not too fatty. It was easy to eat along with the eggs and onions which tend to be mushier textures.
  • Jalapeños?: There’s a question mark on this because I had no idea that the omelet had Jalapeños. I didn’t event taste them or feel anything spicy was on the omelet other than the Serrano pepper.
  • The onions: Some of the onions felt stringy which made it hard to chew sometimes.
  • The Spicy Barbecue Sauce: There was very little sauce on my omelet. The sauce wasn’t really spicy; it had more of a small kick like normal barbecue sauce. The barbecue sauce is a bit tangy too.
  • The Serrano pepper: This was indeed spicy. Ironically, I prefer spicy sauces than I do eating the actual peppers. I don’t know why. I ate some of it but in the end, I would’ve preferred a sauce instead.
Did I finish this whole dish? Yes I did!

I thought all the prices were rather reasonable, after all, this is one of those “limited time only” type meals. All of these prices and more can be found on their website. Don’t forget about the combo options (this is what my friend and I did), it will save you some money! (Prices vary in different locations).

  • Grinch’s Green Pancakes: $4.99USD
  • Side order of Grinch’s Green Pancakes: $3.99USD
  • ADULT Minty Who Hot Chocolate: $2.49USD
  • Who-Roast Beast Omelette: $11.99USD

Check out their website for that information. They have all of their platters and sides thoroughly noted.

Would I buy it again? Maybe.

I’m a fan of the Grinch so I went there to try it all. Unfortunately I missed the Who-ville Holiday Cheesecake French Toast. I was too full after devouring all the other dishes and couldn’t fit more. It looked like a regular french toast dish with a ball of cheesecake and strawberries on top so I decided to not order it to-go. Even though it’s not on my review, it may be an option you’d enjoy!

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