Prince DK of Seventeen: My Kpop Doll Finally Arrives!

Prince DK of Seventeen: My Kpop Doll Finally Arrives!

I found out about the world of Kpop since I was 8 years old; that’s a long time ago. So when I found the world of Kpop dolls last year, I knew I had to have one of DK of Seventeen!

price info about dk of seventeen kpop doll

After going to their Diamond Edge concert in Chicago last year and seeing my bias Dokyeom (도겸), I really wanted this doll. The doll was designed by @PrinceDKDoll on Twitter. There were other DK Kpop dolls made by other fans but I felt like this one captured Dokyeom’s cuteness and prince aura perfectly. I get a little bit of DK and Lee Seok Min (이석민) from it!

I ordered the doll through a GO by Vanessa @kpopgos on Twitter. The doll came with the iconic prince suit and the simple pink t-shirt he wore during the Diamond Edge tour.

GO is short for Group Order. GOs are often used for ordering items that are special edition, limited quantity, too expensive if ordered individually, made by individuals or (in the Kpop world) to gain access to fan signing & special events in South Korea. By gathering people who want to buy the same item, it can help get the item you would otherwise have a harder time getting, have it manufactured and/or get it for a cheaper price.

In this case, someone made a doll of DK(도겸) and instead of bulk manufacturing the doll and then selling it online, they created a GO to collect money to produce a specific amount of the dolls. This helps prevent any losses (money) or surplus (leftover dolls). It can get more complicated depending on the item people are group ordering and from where.


The cost was a combination of Doll Price ($25USD) + EMS + Domestic Shipping. Unfortunately, I don’t quite remember how much EMS and Domestic Shipping was, but I remember the total was about $45USD for the doll.


The doll is 20cm tall. For other Kpop dolls, you can sometimes find 10cm, 15cm and 30cm.


If you haven’t ordered through a GO before, it’s different from ordering from an online store. There are different kinds of group orders but in a group order like this one, I had to wait for the doll to be made, be shipped to the creator, be shipped from the creator to the GO organizer and then be shipped to me.

When I placed the order: March 29 2018
Received: November 15, 2018

prince dk of seventeen

I honestly can’t imagine how much nicer this outfit could’ve turned out. The detail is pretty accurate to the suit he wore to the Diamond Edge tour. The inside shirt looks just as good.

Something amazing about Kpop dolls is how well sewn they are. When you hold the doll, it’s soft but very firm. It’s not the type to be easily flattened or crushed. My favorite part is the embroidery. Absolutely exceptional! The detail in the hair, the eyes and the smile are all embroidered. While the yellow lines on the white shirt are colored on, the ones on the blue jacket are embroidered. You can really feel the difference between a flimsy doll with a drawn face and one sewn on.

They even sewed on DK’s mini mole on his cheek!

dk of seventeen kpop doll

Here you can see in the “naked” photo of the doll how well stitched everything is. You can see how there’s slight difference in the leg to feet.


I was really happy that we were getting 2 outfits for this GO, both of which were accurate and wore during the Diamond Edge tour. I was a little disappointed because the letters on the pink shirt were a little hard to read because they’re so thin but they’re still readable.

What made me happier was that they gave us extra pants with this outfit. I’ve seen other Kpop doll GOs where they won’t offer extra pants or full outfits for the same cost; typically you get only 1 outfit or 1 outfit and an extra shirt. Sometimes you can get a onesie along with the 1 outfit.


As you can see from the photo below of the outfits, most are well stitched. Only the white shirt has a few threads sticking out. The colors are rather vibrant especially the blue used for the prince outfit. I love that each material is different between the garments; it’s easy to tell in the texture. 

The t shirt and jacket have velcro to put them on the doll. They work like how real t-shirts and jackets work without dealing with tiny buttons. You’re probably wondering about the pink shirt, right? How do you put it on? While the neck of the doll is small, the head opening of the shirt is big enough to slip the body. The pants also have elastic around the waist to keep them from slipping off the doll.

dk of seventeen kpop doll clothes
dk kpop doll jacket pockets

My favorite thing about the jacket is that it has pockets and it can hold things in them. I couldn’t stop saying, “It has pockets”; it’s so exciting. Wish the pants also had pockets!

Would I buy another Kpop doll? Yes!

I really want to collect at least 1 doll of each Seventeen member, and dolls for each Kpop group I stan, but as you can see, this is a very expensive hobby. Assuming each doll will cost almost $50 (times 12 other Seventeen members), that is a lot of money. I think it’s worth it considering the quality. Once you have the doll in your hands, you practically melt in love with it. Besides, look at the photo below taken by Eternal Sunshine and compare it to the doll wearing the prince outfit; it’s practically a chibi copy.

photo of DK of Seventeen by Eternal Love
Lee Seok Min (이석민) is a prince! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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