Soda Happy Nikukyu Paw Gummies!

Soda Happy Nikukyu Paw Gummies!

These soda Happy Nikukyu (プニフワ幸せにくきゅう) gummies were too cute to pass up.

Did I buy these because the packaging was cute and the gummies were shaped like paws?

Yes. I. Did.

I would’ve bought every flavor there was if I hadn’t have a basket already full of Japanese snacks! I found these in Chicago’s Mitsuwa Marketplace!

It was my first time trying these so I didn’t know what to expect. There were several other flavors like peach and grape but I was curious about the soda flavors. After reading this review, make sure to check out my review on the Cola Happy Nikukyu Gummies!

soda happy nikukyu

These cost $1.99USD.


These were citrusy, like a lemon/lime flavor. They had a carbonated feel to the flavor, much like soda. These were a lot lighter in taste and sweeter than the cola gummies.


I love that the paws were blue. There’s also a bit of a sparkle to these gummies. They looked like they had glitter in them because they shined in the light.


I loved these gummies. They were soft and squishy. When I pressed them between my fingers, they bounced back. They’re also chewy. I like gummies but it’s always disappointing when I buy gummies and they’re hard or too difficult to chew through or they stick to my teeth. These are great! I had to stop myself from eating them all at once.


I think the quality of the gummies is amazing! As I described above, they’re very soft. I wanted to point out, however, the zip lock the packaging has. American products have larger serving sizes but almost never do they bring zip locks. With the amount of gummies the tiny packet brought, I was impressed that it had one. Be sure to use the zip lock! I left the cola flavor packet open for about 36hrs and the gummies started to harden.

soda happy nikukyu gummies
On the left you can find the Nutritional Facts & Ingredients for the Soda Nikukyu Gummies!
Would I buy these again? Yes!

Like I said, I love gummies; whenever the craving kicks in, I’ll eat a whole package of Lifesaver gummies in one sitting. I can’t wait to find more Happy Nikukyu; I want to try all the other flavors. I’m particularly hoping to try the new flavor, Strawberry Milk. I imagine that it will taste a lot softer and creamier. So far I really like the Senjaku (<– check out their website) brand so I’m looking forward to finding some of their other products.

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