Cola Happy Nikukyu Paw Gummies!

Cola Happy Nikukyu Paw Gummies!

Last Updated on 2021/09/01

When I bought both the Soda and Cola Happy Nikukyu (プニフワ幸せにくきゅう), I assumed that the Cola one would taste closer to a Coke flavor while the soda one would be more of a Sierra Mist or Sprite. My guess wasn’t too far fetched.

As you know from my review of the Soda Happy Nikukyu Gummies, I also bought the Cola flavored ones in Chicago’s Mitsuwa Marketplace. I was too curious how they would taste like so I couldn’t stop myself from buying both.

cola happy nikukyu

This cost $1.99USD.


These definitely tasted like cola / coke. They were slightly bitter like cola. These had a stronger carbonated taste too.


These paws were brown because cola is typically a brownish color. These gummies also sparkled in the light.


These are so squishy like the soda ones. I love how soft Japanese gummies are. American ones tend to be hard to chew and stick to your teeth.


The quality is amazing. To me, the softer and easier to chew a gummy is, the better the quality and as far as I can tell, these didn’t easily start to melt when it was warmer outside like American gummies tend to do. These also come with a zip lock to keep them fresh. Definitely use it because the gummies will toughen if you leave them out.

cola happy nikukyu gummies
On the left you can find the Nutritional Facts & Ingredients for the Soda Nikukyu Gummies!
Would I buy these again? Maybe.

Compared to the soda gummies, these weren’t as tasty. Hopefully I can find more of these gummies because there are so many other flavors to try. So far I really like Senjaku products so maybe I can spot some of their other products.

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