Shirakiku: Chocolate Sunflower Seeds

Shirakiku: Chocolate Sunflower Seeds

I found the most amazing collection of Shirakiku brand Japanese candy at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Chicago and decided to buy one packet of each.

One of the packets I found was of chocolate covered sunflower seeds which I always wanted to try but never got the chance to do so.

The Shikikaku brand is actually a private brand under another company brand known as Wismettac. Shirakiku was originally created because of the demand of Japanese products in the U.S. You can check out their website for other brands at the U.S, Wismettac website and their products at their Wismettac Products website. You can also look at their Japanese website Nishimoto Wismettac!

You can see the Nutritional Facts & Ingredients on the right photo!

This cost me 99¢ US CENTS!

It’s exactly what you think it tastes like: chocolatey & nutty. Imagine sunflower seeds and chocolate. These are essentially like sunflower M&M’s. It does leave a bit of an after taste.

They feel smooth because, like M&M’s, these are coated with candy on the outside. They’re also crunchy when you eat them because of that coating.

Displayed left to right: Sunflower seeds in the packet; Sunflower scattered outside the packet; A close up and inside of the sunflower seeds!

Would I buy these again? Maybe.

To be completely honest, I personally did not like them. Something about the sunflower seed taste and the chocolate didn’t mix well to me. I think I’ll stick to chocolate with peanuts and pecans. At the same time, these made a perfect snack. I often like to have things to munch on in between meals and these felt a lot better to eat than the usual junk food. I suggest trying it, after all they’re pretty cheap.

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