Shirakiku: Yogurt Chocolate Candy!

Shirakiku: Yogurt Chocolate Candy!

Okay I was wrong! These are my favorite Shirakiku brand candy!

Remember from my review on the Shirakiku: Matcha Chocolate Candy, I said that they were my favorite? That was before I tried these babies!

Left: front of package. Right: Ingredients & Nutritional Facts.

I’ll be honest, on my 1st and 2nd piece, I was a little wary about them but then I popped them in the freezer and boy did they taste good. I’m not a huge fan on sour yogurt flavors or Greek yogurts. I like my yogurts sweet and fruity. This wasn’t sweet and fruity!

This cost me 99¢ US CENTS in Chicago’s Mitsuwa Marketplace.

The yogurt in this tasted sour to me. Not sour as in spoiled or mouth-puckering but more of a tart taste. Like I said above, I didn’t like this flavor at first. I put them in the freezer because I don;t like soft or melting chocolate so I wanted them to be cold and more solidified. It helped a lot. It then tasted more like frozen yogurt. 

There are milk ingredients in this, so take note of that, as well as artificial flavors and gelatin (beef), so not a vegetarian and vegan friendly snack.

Left: inside package. Right: outside package.

Would I buy these again? Definitely.

I ended up falling in love with these. They made the perfect cold snack for me. Also, they’re so cheap. I typically don’t like Japanese yogurt flavored snacks but I really enjoyed this one. If you like more of a Greek yogurt flavor, you’ll probably like these too!

Check out the various Wismettac websites listed below. Shirakiku is actually a private brand within the Wismettac company brand so there are many more products out there to check out:

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