I Was Wrong! These Shirakiku Yogurt Chocolate Candy are My Fave!

I Was Wrong! These Shirakiku Yogurt Chocolate Candy are My Fave!

Last Updated on 2021/09/01

Okay I was wrong! These Shirakiku Yogurt Chocolate Candy are my favorite Shirakiku brand candy!

Remember from my review on the Shirakiku: Matcha Chocolate Candy, I said that they were my favorite? That was before I tried these babies!

Shirakiku Matcha Chocolate candy packet
Left: front of package. Right: Ingredients & Nutritional Facts.

I’ll be honest, on my 1st and 2nd piece, I was a little wary about them but then I popped them in the freezer and boy did they taste good. I’m not a huge fan on sour yogurt flavors or Greek yogurts. I like my yogurts sweet and fruity. This wasn’t sweet and fruity!


This cost me 99 US CENTS in Chicago’s Mitsuwa Marketplace.


The yogurt in this tasted sour to me. Not sour as in spoiled or mouth-puckering but more of a tart taste. Like I said above, I didn’t like this flavor at first. I put them in the freezer because I don’t like soft or melting chocolate so I wanted them to be cold and more solidified. It helped a lot. It then tasted more like frozen yogurt. 


There are milk ingredients in this, so take note of that, as well as artificial flavors and gelatin (beef), so not a vegetarian and vegan friendly snack.

Shirakiku Matcha Chocolate Candy
Left: inside package. Right: outside package.

Would I buy these again? Definitely.

I ended up falling in love with these Shirakiku Yogurt Chocolate Candy. They made the perfect cold snack for me. Also, they’re so cheap. I typically don’t like Japanese yogurt flavored snacks but I really enjoyed this one. If you like more of a Greek yogurt flavor, you’ll probably like these too!

Check out the various Wismettac websites listed below. Shirakiku is actually a private brand within the Wismettac company brand so there are many more products out there to check out:

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