The Furuta (ぐでたま) Gudetama Chocolate Bar I Found at Mitsuwa Marketplace!

The Furuta (ぐでたま) Gudetama Chocolate Bar I Found at Mitsuwa Marketplace!

I’ve been feeling particularly lazy (o^w^)o  starting out this new year so, I’ve decided to review this (ぐでたま) Gudetama Chocolate Bar by Furuta (フルタ).

Perfect themed treat for anyone else feeling a little sluggish the first few days of 2019!

For those who are new to Gudetama (ぐでたま) , essentially he’s a lazy egg. He’s part of the Sanrio universe and he’s known as a leading icon of laziness, sadness and apathy. Much like Hello Kitty, he’s a beloved character in Japan and internationally! I came across this chocolate bar at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Chicago.

(ぐでたま) Gudetama Chocolate Bar
Left to Right: Front of package; Back of package; Front of chocolate; Back of chocolate.

This only cost me 50¢ US CENTS!


I know when I buy foreign products, I always expect it to be different or better than what I’m used to. Most of the time, products aren’t at all that different and this is one of those examples. Honestly, it tasted like a Kit Kat! Yes, there’s even a wafer inside. The main difference between this and a Kit Kat is the fact that it had 2 chocolates together: milk chocolate and white chocolate.


I honestly thought it was just chocolate. I didn’t read the back until after I opened it and realized that the long bar wasn’t split into cubes like how chocolate bars usually are. I was disappointed to see that the chocolate didn’t have Gudetama (ぐでたま) on it. When I bit into it, I was very confused to find wafers inside. Like any other chocolate, it’s best kept somewhere cold. As you can tell from the photos, mine had melted a little bit.


I didn’t care much for this information because it tasted so much like a KitKat that I felt the ingredients would be pretty much the same. What I did take note of is this had more sugar than a regular 4 piece Kit Kat.

(ぐでたま) Gudetama Chocolate Bar nutrition
Would buy this again? Sure.

This (ぐでたま) Gudetama Chocolate Bar isn’t something I would go out of my way to buy and certainly not something I would wanna eat everyday. However, if I saw it at the store and I wanted some cheap chocolate, I would definitely buy it.

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