Shirakiku: Stone Shaped Chocolate!

Shirakiku: Stone Shaped Chocolate!

I’ve searched for chocolate rocks everywhere for a very long time. I used to eat these a lot as a kid and then suddenly they disappeared.

Left: front of package. Right: Ingredients & Nutritional Facts.

To be honest, there are many brands that make stone shaped chocolate ( 石の形のチョコレート菓子・ストーンチョコ ). The name can vary from chocolate rocks, chocolate pebbles and chocolate stones. I tried looking up the origins of chocolate pebbles but nothing turned up other than the different brands from other countries that sell the same chocolate. I even found a stone shaped chocolate making machine.

Either way, I’m glad I found these in Chicago’s Mitsuwa Marketplace. I haven’t had these in a while.

This cost me 99¢ US CENTS!

What’s so special about these? Nothing really other than being shaped like pebbles, rocks and stones. They’re essentially like milk chocolate M&M’s. I would say the chocolate tastes semi-sweet and not just milk chocolate. 

Left: inside package. Right: outside package.

Would I buy these again? Of course!

I don’t know about anyone else but I love these stone shaped chocolates, regardless of where they come from or the brand. To me, they’re quite delicious and addicting but that’s just me; I love how they actually look like rocks!

If you’re interested in learning more about Shirakiku products, take a look at the various Wismettac websites listed below. Shirakiku is actually a private brand within the Wismettac company brand so there are many more products out there to check out:

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