Bubblelicious: South Ridge Mall!

Bubblelicious: South Ridge Mall!

As you probably know by now, there’s a boba craze going on around the world.

I’m pretty used to finding bubble tea everywhere I go now that it’s become popular internationally and I was surprised to find one while strolling through South Ridge Mall in Milwaukee.

There were many flavor to choose from. I personally couldn’t decide between the Milky Taro, the Thai Tea Latte and the Potted Plant Milk Tea. Luckily the cashier explained that we could get any flavor I wanted with the Potted Plant Boba; it didn’t need to be Milk Tea.

In addition they have an extensive toppings and flavor menu. I couldn’t help myself; I ordered a Potted Plant Taro Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly and Mango Popping. What makes it a potted plant? The boba comes with ground Oreo cookies on top so it looks like soil (hence the name, potted plant). For those who don’t know what popping is, it’s similar to boba (tapioca beads), except these are much smaller and they’re packed with bursting flavor. Basically they’re little beads with juice in them. With a variety of flavors to choose from, there’s no telling what kind of mess you’ll make in your bubble tea.

My favorite part of this messy drink I ordered, happens to be the mango popping because it always adds a citrusy contrast to the bubble tea I usually order, which are usually creamy, milky and not on the fruity side of the spectrum. Taro and coconut go well together and so does mango and coconut, which is why I added the coconut jelly; all 3 combined actually tasted a bit weird at first because all the flavors and the textures kept clashing with one another. In the end, it became an excellent combination.

Left: Potted Plant Milky Taro with Coconut Jelly, Mango Popping & boba.
Right: Potted Plant Thai Tea Latte with no boba.

These are listed on the menu which they put right in front of the cash register. As you can see, most drinks have a reasonable starting price pretax.

  • Milk Teas: $4.15
  • Tea Lattes: $4.50
  • Fruit Teas: $4.15
  • Boba Shakes: $4.65
  • Toppings are all 50 cents per topping.

I was very happy with these prices because it’s become rather common to charge $5 or more for Boba. It’s something I sometimes like to call the “Starbucks price”; You can’t get a small Frappuccino for less than $5.

Would I buy again? Definitely.

It’s fast, convenient and delicious. The price is reasonable; you only pay extra on the things you want added to it. Some of the popular drinks can be switched with another flavor which is great if you wanted to try the new drink but add your favorite flavor to it instead. Also the regular boba is added to all cold drinks at no charge!

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