Kracie Pitagora Chocolate Arrows, Have Fun Playing With Candy!

Kracie Pitagora Chocolate Arrows, Have Fun Playing With Candy!

I found these Kracie Pitagora Chocolate Arrows at Chicago’s Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Why did I buy these? There were so many new items at Mitsuwa recently that I just started grabbing random candy that was $3 or less.

Here is a new brand I have yet to talk about on my blog, called Kracie. You can check out more of their products on their website Kracie because they make more than just candy. They’re well known for making the Japanese DIY candy kits, Popin’ Cookin’. Some of you may have played with one of the kits not looking once at the brand. Well, here’s another candy by them.

Kracie Pitagora Chocolate Arrows packet

It was $1.99USD.


If you’ve ever bought those Japanese DIY candy kits, these Kracie Pitagora Chocolate Arrows felt and tasted a lot like it. It’s like candy play dough or clay. The texture also reminded me a bit of Hi-Chew. It’s soft but chewy but not quite like gum. I didn’t get any particular taste from the different colors of arrows; they all tasted like chocolate. Maybe some where white chocolate or a vanilla flavor but they all had the same creamy, buttery, chocolaty flavor.


I’m not one to play with my candy, especially something mushy and easily squishable but I did try to play with the arrows. Perhaps as a kid I would’ve found this much more entertaining but I just couldn’t play with these. I put together a few designs but after not coming up with anything inspiring, I gave up and ate all the candy. The one thing I loved was the monkey hidden within the candy. Initially I thought that it would be a cute collectible toy but it turned out to be made out of the same candy. Yes ate it too!

Kracie Pitagora Chocolate Arrows
Left: candy inside of the packet. Right: Candy outside of the packet.

As you can see from the ingredients, everything seems to be chocolate and milk based.

Kracie Pitagora Chocolate Arrows nutrition
Would I buy this again? Not really, no.

I would be more inclined to buying this again if the monkey was a collectible toy. The candy tasted alright but it’s not something I would buy just to eat for me. I think little kids would love playing with this candy and hey, if you want to use you old Japanese DIY candy kits, this candy can be easily be used for that.

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