Chinese New Year: Cute Bear Cakes with BreadTalk Hong Kong!

Chinese New Year: Cute Bear Cakes with BreadTalk Hong Kong!

Last Updated on 2021/09/02

It was the day after Chinese New Years and the bakery I wanted to go to was closed. Luckily, across the street there was another more commercial bakery that was open, BreadTalk Hong Kong!

I completely forgot that special days like Chinese New Year tend to last longer than holidays in the U.S; locals in different countries tend to take extended days off to celebrate. I’m used to the U.S. where most stores are always open all the time even on holidays.

breadtalk hong kong store

Something to note, Chinese New Years is actually the Lunar New Year (also called Spring Festival) which many other cultures celebrate and truthfully has nothing to do with being Chinese or following Chinese culture. The thing is Chinese New Year is known as the 1st recorded instance of a Lunar New Year celebration. Records show lunar celebrations all the back to 200BC in China.

Other countries’ Lunar New Year celebrations came after with their own cultural customs (South Korea Seollal 설날 for example). While traveling through other Asian countries, this was something several people complained about even though some of the cultures may have been influenced by Chinese culture. So keep in mind, not all Lunar New Year celebrations are Chinese New Year celebrations and people might take offense if you refer to their customs as such.

For more information about the Lunar calendar and why these celebrations take place, check out the link!

breadtalk hong kong

I decided to buy some breakfast there and found out that they were more than a regular bakery. They sold all kinds of treats just like the Korean shops I’ve been to in Chicago and NYC, for example, Tours Les Jours & Paris Baguette. The prices were a little more than what I’d pay for a small cake but seeing how cute they were, I had to try them.

I bought 2 out of the 4 flavors: red velvet and matcha.


Each piece was 35HKD ($4.45USD) but they had a special of buy 2 for 50HKD ($6.37USD). At first I thought it was a bit pricey because they were small but buying 2 for nearly $6.40 isn’t bad.


I would say each cake was about 2.5INs (6.35cm) in diameter and 1.5INs (3.81cm) tall.

breadtalk hong kong bear cakes

In case you’re traveling through Hong Kong, here is the address to the place I went to. ADD: 235 Nathan Rd, Jordan, Hong Kong [Gmaps]

Check out their website to see if there’s a BreadTalk near you!


I was initially worried about the cakes being made of mousse since I’m not a huge fan of mousse. Luckily that wasn’t the case. This cake was a cake vanilla with white cream and berry jam in the middle. The brown red color around the cake was chocolate powder sprinkled on top. It wasn’t dry powder however, almost like it was slightly moistened powder. What really surprised me was that the cake tasted more like chocolate even though the majority of the bread in the cake was vanilla. It wasn’t too sweet and very light. This would be excellent after a meal because it won’t make you feel heavy.

The texture was soft and fluffy. You might want to eat it on an actual plate instead of the little cardboard doily that it came with; I had a little trouble trying to keep the cake on my spoon and off the table. The face (ears & mouth) was made of chocolate except the eyes which were crunchy like chocolate covered rice krispies. It was very delicious but it does leave a dairy after taste.

breadtalk hong kong bear red velvet cake

If you’re used to your matcha being super sweet, this cake might not be for you. It’s very matcha; it had so much matcha powder on top that it was actually a bit chalky. Like the red velvet cake, this one was covered with matcha powder on top. The cakes was a little bit dense but still fluffy and bouncy. It was sweet when it touched my tongue but bitter and chalky as I swallowed. It had sweetened red beans in the middle (not read bean paste). The taste was subtle at first; I thought it was chocolate and had to try it several times, but they were definitely sweetened red beans.

breadtalk hong kong matcha bear cake
Would I buy again? I wish I had tried another flavor.

Something that really surprised me was that they were bears considering it’s the year of the Pig. Still, they were cute and fun. I actually regret not trying their other 2 flavors, vanilla & chocolate. BreadTalk Hong Kong isn’t the best bakery I’ve been to but it has many other delicious and affordable pastries for everyday purchase as well as very beautiful cakes.

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