Yummy McDonald’s Strawberry Ice Cream in Hong Kong!

Yummy McDonald’s Strawberry Ice Cream in Hong Kong!

I was surprised to find McDonald’s strawberry ice cream soft serve in Hong Kong; and NO, the ice cream machine was not broken!

In the United States there’s a bit of a sad joke about the “broken McDonald’s ice cream machine”. It’s common to go to McDonald’s for ice cream and find out that the machine is “broken”. This was never the case in Hong Kong; for all the times I went and walked passed a McDonald’s ice cream shop, it was always open. With that being said, can you guess what’s more amazing than the ice cream machine actually working? Separate ice cream stores!

McDonald's Strawberry Ice Cream in hong kong

It may not sound THAT exciting but I’ve never encountered separate ice cream shops in the U.S, even in some of the most populated cities like LA and NYC. There just isn’t. It’s a glorious idea! Wish more shops like these existed because I never had to wait to get ice cream while in Hong Kong like did in the U.S.

I also found it weird that I never heard of the different flavors of ice cream McDonald’s serves abroad. As I walked the streets of Tsim Sha Sui in Hong Kong, I was amazed that they had Strawberry flavored soft serve and many other options with the flavor like hard waffle cone and sundae. I felt like all the options they had would be a hit in the U.S, so why don’t we have different flavors available?

McDonald's Strawberry Ice Cream menu
  • Double Sundae: $16.50HKD
  • Sundae: $8HKD
  • McFlurry: $14.50HKD
  • Twist Cone (Strawberry & Vanilla): $4.50HKD
  • Strawberry Sundae Jumbo Waffle Cone: $12HKD
    • Chocolate Dipped: $13HKD
  • Very Strawberry Sundae: $9HKD
    • Chocolate Dipped: $10HKD = about $1.27USD
  • Strawberry Sundae Cone: $5.50HKD = about 70¢ US Cents
    • Chocolate Dipped: $6.50HKD = about 83¢ US Cents

It says it’s strawberry flavor but the flavor was rather strong; it actually tasted somewhat like raspberry. With the chocolate dip, it tasted somewhat like a cherry cordial (chocolate covered cherry).


The quality is the same as all other McDonald’s ice cream I’ve had. The chocolate is crunchy and the ice cream is smooth.


It was exceptional! Quick and easy. A simple 1 or 2 minute pit stop even when there was a line.

McDonald's Strawberry Ice Cream

Either way I thoroughly enjoyed McDonald’s Strawberry ice cream dipped in chocolate. I also decided to try their sundae thinking that it would be different from the American version but it was essentially the standard McDonald’s sundae with chocolate and nuts on top but with Strawberry ice cream.

You can find out more about McDonald’s in Hong Kong by checking their website!

Would I buy again? I actually went several times because it was so good!

I already miss how easily accessible this was. Cheap ice cream was available in most parts of the country and it sure did beat any frozen ice cream from 7-Eleven or the fancy $6 ice cream. I kept wondering what I would do with so much change (because Hong Kong has $1, $2 & $5 coins, along with 10 & 50 cents). I used most of my coins to shop here.

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