Made To Order (豪大大雞排) HOTSTAR Taiwanese Street Food in Hong Kong!

Made To Order (豪大大雞排) HOTSTAR Taiwanese Street Food in Hong Kong!

I passed this place multiple times, wanting to buy something but I always forgot where it was. Once I got used to the streets in Hong Kong, I set out on an adventure to find this Hotstar Taiwanese street food shop.

HOTSTAR Taiwanese Street Food shop

HOTSTAR (豪大大雞排) is basically a cheap deep frying place but I wouldn’t consider the taste and quality cheap. I love how fresh their fried goods taste and feel. They mainly sell chicken but they also have a few other options like shrimp tempura, which was one of my favorites.

HOTSTAR Taiwanese Street Food package
HOTSTAR Taiwanese Street Food chicken
Boneless Chicken Bites – 20HKD ($2.55)

My first time at this Hotstar Taiwanese street food shop, I got the small order of boneless chicken for 20HKD ($2.55). With the small order, you get about 20 odd sized pieces of chicken. The 2nd & 3rd time I returned, I ordered the large order which was 32HKD ($4.08); I would say it brings about 30 pieces. The chicken was deep fried as soon as I placed my order so I knew I wasn’t getting old chicken that was sitting out all day under a heating lamp.

They added a garlic salt powder but you can also choose make it spicy if you like. For those who don’t like spicy food, garlic normally is a little spicy so the chicken has a bit of a sting at first. There was a little sweetness to it, similar to cinnamon or maybe star anise. The chicken was also moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Since garlic powder is used, do expect a bit of an after taste and smell of garlic to linger.

HOTSTAR Taiwanese Street Food tempura
Shrimp Tempura – $20HKD ($2.55)

The tempura is amazing! I loved it! Best tempura I’ve had in a long time! You get 5 pieces about 6.35 cm (2.5 inches) for 20HKD ($2.55). It was chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Perfectly fried and not burned. Well covered with breading and didn’t fall off as I ate it.

Because it’s fried the moment I ordered, I received it pipping hot. It actually stays hot for several minutes. The shrimp meat was nice and fatty but not in a nauseating way. It had more of a clean taste; the meat didn’t taste excessively fishy or like the deep frying oil. It felt very light on my stomach and left a very light after taste.


Hong Kong, Jordan, 佐敦 佐敦道37A-B號新寶城商業中心地下2號鋪
Here is the Google Maps location for those who want it!

Other locations?

Check out their website HOTSTAR for more information, including a store locator for the following locations: Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, California, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Canada.

HOTSTAR Taiwanese Street Food website

Would I buy again? I miss this place already!

I loved this Hotstar Taiwanese street food shop! It was cheap and convenient. Reminds me of the 99¢ pizza places in NYC (You can read my review of that here). Since it’s a Taiwanese store, I hoped to see this place once I stopped in Taipei but there were so many great places in Taipei, I completely forgot to look for it. If I ever stop by California again, I know where I’m going to first!

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