I Try Japanese Pancakes at Belle-Ville Pancake Café in Singapore!

I Try Japanese Pancakes at Belle-Ville Pancake Café in Singapore!

So there I was in Singapore, craving pancakes, when I find Belle-Ville Pancake Café a few blocks away from where I was staying.

I’ve been traveling for 2 weeks since my arrival at Singapore and I wanted something comforting but new. I had yet to try the famous Japanese style pancakes and happen to find a shop in Bugis Junction as I was walking by.

Japanese Belle-Ville Pancake Café

I decided to eat here and try the pancakes after I noticed that they made the pancakes fresh. I wasn’t immediately attended. There were only 2 employees working: a waiter and a cook. It took a while for the waiter to sit me, though he seemed confused that I waited instead of sitting right away. Most cafe or diner places in the U.S, have a host sit you; unless it’s fast food, you wait to be seated.

Belle-Ville Pancake Café

Once I was seated, I looked through the menu and quickly picked mango pancakes and the BLT mini sandwiches but unfortunately they didn’t have the BLT. I ended up just having the pancakes.

Belle-Ville Pancake Café specials
They had a 2nd menu full of set meals. I believe these are in the regular menu too.

I didn’t expect to be waiting for so long for some tiny pancakes. I was waiting for 20 or so minutes. The whole process from arriving to leaving the cafe took over an hour, something I wasn’t quite used to. I ended up looking through their menu multiple times after I got bored of staring at my phone. I considered getting shaved ice but the waiting turned me off; I didn’t want to wait even longer for some dessert.

When the pancakes arrived, I was thrilled. It was beautifully displayed and it looked delicious. I was expecting them to be a bit bigger considering the price.

Belle-Ville Pancake Café mango pancakes

The pancakes were very milky and creamy; if you’re lactose intolerant, I would recommend being prepared. The pancakes had a bit of a strong egg taste as well. The mango was amazingly sweet and soft. 


The pancakes are extremely fluffy. Take note that these weren’t the “American” idea of fluffy. To be honest, these pancakes were so soft it felt like I was eating whipped cream or fluff (whipped marshmallow). It was strange because it felt like I wasn’t eating anything.


My plate cost me $11.9SGD, that’s about $8.57USD. This is my first time paying that much for pancakes especially that size. Maybe it’s because I’m used to getting wider and thicker pancakes in the U.S, these looked particularly small.


You can take a look of the photos of the menu below. Prices are clearly noted for all the food they offer.

Belle-Ville Pancake Café menu
Belle-Ville Pancake Café menu newspaper
I absolutely loved how the menu was a newspaper. It was a little too big for a menu but it was still cute!
Would I shop here again? Maybe!

I always encourage people to try new things so I would say it was worth a first try. Personally the texture wasn’t to my liking either. I quite enjoy the western idea of fluffiness; it’s more of a “spongy” and not so much “fluff” like I felt these were. While the idea of a pancake falling apart in my mouth sounds incredibly delicious, I don’t think these will replace American style pancakes for me.

SIDE NOTE: Their business cards are so cute! You can find them on Facebook and Instagram! Here’s their Osaka Location Facebook Page!

Belle-Ville Pancake Café business card
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