McDonald’s Popcorn Caramel Ice Cream in Singapore!

McDonald’s Popcorn Caramel Ice Cream in Singapore!

If you haven’t already read my post on McDonald’s Ice cream in Hong Kong, go check it out! Amazing to find that Singapore also has it’s own specialty ice cream flavor. I wish we got different flavors in the U.S too!

When I arrived in Singapore, I was excited to check out the nearest mall which was the City Square Mall (<–Check out their website!). I wanted to see what types of stores I would find. As I walked by a McDonald’s I saw they were selling a popcorn caramel flavored ice cream!

It was crazy to me because, sure, strawberry ice cream in Hong Kong was different but this was REALLY different! Popcorn caramel flavored ice cream? I had to try it! The day was very hot and humid, so it was a perfect time to have some ice cream.

This McDonald’s also had an ice cream station separate from the main restaurant just like the ones in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, it wasn’t attended by one specific employee like in Hong Kong. I had to wait for an employee from the main restaurant to come over and attend me and the other people waiting.

You get 3 cone options with the specialty flavor: plain yellow popcorn caramel, chocolate dipped and mixed vanilla & caramel popcorn. I really wanted to taste the plain caramel popcorn flavor because I never had it before but the vanilla caramel popcorn swirl looked very delicious too!


  • Regular Vanilla Cone: 0.80¢ SG cents = about 49¢ US cents
  • Dipped Vanilla Cone: $1SGD = about 72¢ US cents
  • Regular Popcorn Caramel Cone: $1SGD = about 72¢ US cents
  • Dipped Popcorn Caramel Cone: $1.20SGD = about 87¢ US cents
  • Vanilla Popcorn Caramel Swirl: $1SGD = about 72¢ US cents
  • Popcorn Caramel Hot Fudge Sundae: $2SGD = about $1.45 USD
  • Popcorn Caramel McFlurry: $3SGD = about $2.17 USD

I was really surprised how good this was. I felt like popcorn caramel flavor would be hard to pull of. This was perfect! It tasted like sweet buttered popcorn. It sounds a little strange but the flavor was really creamy, sweet and buttery. Caramel to me tastes creamy, sweet and toasty like mild butterscotch. This tasted more buttery and creamy. I wish I had tried the McFlurry with this flavor!

Their customer service could use some work. Along with a few others, I waited a good 10 minutes before we were attended. Shouldn’t be too big of a deal but it is in the middle of a large mall with so many other stores that grabbed my attention; I thought about leaving because waiting for a $1 cone for that long didn’t make sense.

Would I buy again? I really wish I could have this again right now!

I miss this flavor, probably because I didn’t have time to eat it as often as I did the strawberry flavor in Hong Kong. Definitely something to try if you’re wondering around Singapore.

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