Super Heroes Cafe in Kuala Lumpur: Superman Cake!

Super Heroes Cafe in Kuala Lumpur: Superman Cake!

After spotting this restaurant in Singapore and missing out on eating there, I was happy to find it at the Sunway Putra Mall.

The Super Heroes Cafe is quite the sight too. Some of the most popular DC Comic heroes have statues dedicated to them. You can find other heroes insignias and entrees dedicated to them too. It’s a bit pricey to eat here but if you’re a fanatic of DC comics or have children who are, this would be an awesome place to check out.

It was empty most of the time except at night, when they got a few customers. The entrees seemed more popular than the desserts and snacks. One thing did catch my eye and that was the Superman cake!

This cake as a whole was more disappointing than I expected. Honestly because of all the colors and layering, I thought it was going to be quite an amazing cake. But, you know what they say about judging a book by it’s cover.

From this location, the price was $15.46MYR ($3.69USD).

I tried all the layers separately and it didn’t have much flavor. I thought maybe each layer would have it’s on fruity flavor but that wasn’t the case. I tried them together and it just seemed like a plain white cake. In between each layer, I’m not sure what it was, I can only guess that it was fruit jam or something of the sort because it tasted like a berry flavor. The frosting didn’t really add much to the cake either. It wasn’t too sweet or smooth like I initially thought. The S on the frosting was the sweetest, most delicious part of the cake. I’m glad I saved it for last.

I’m pretty sure the cake was old. The bread was too dry for it to be a fresh cake. The S was like a marshmallow fondant.

The staff weren’t very attentive. I had to call them over to attend me because they hadn’t notice me waiting by the register. They didn’t seem to care that I wanted to order either. I didn’t feel welcomed to say the least.

Would I buy this or go to this location again? No, I wouldn’t.

I wish I had gone to the cafe in Singapore because I think the quality and service would be better. This particular cake isn’t one I would want to buy again but I still want to try something else at this restaurant since their menu is quite extensive and some of the meals sounded tasty.

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