Hello Panda 365 Birthday Dolls!

Hello Panda 365 Birthday Dolls!

As soon as I arrived in Bali I went to the store. I needed to get a few necessities and found several snacks I hadn’t seen before. This special Hello Panda package was new to me so I bought it.

Now, I’ve had Hello Panda since I was a teen; I’ve even had all the different flavors. This is the first time however, that I’ve seen Hello Panda in a different box other than the usual individual snack box and the multi snack box. While it may not be one of the most meaningful and exciting product I found, it was something familiar with a small twist.

As you can see from the top left photo, there’s a mini window where you can see the color of the bear before buying, so you can pick the design you like.

The box cost me 8,400MRP which is about 59 US CENTS.

I found these in Clandy’s Mart in Kuta area in Bali. There are several of these throughout the island of Bali. You can also find them in Central Java area and Yogyakarta area in the west part of Indonesia. It’s a pretty neat mini mart with a variety of items worth checking out.

The cookies are exactly the same as the ones imported to the US. The toy is a simple cheap toy made with a little bit of patterned cloth (head + body), painted face, stuffing, felt (hands + feet + ears), and string (keychain). The panda dolls come in a variety of colors and are completely random; they’re sold with the intention of collecting them. They reminded me of a cheap version of Ty Beanie Babies.

Why I bought it?
I was reluctant at first. There was no real reason for me to buy this except, I wasn’t losing in this instance. In the US, a box of Hello Panda can cost from $1 – $2.50, depending where you but it from and the flavor. This cost half and it came with a toy; It made an easy souvenir!

This particular box seemed to be using birth dates as a promotion. Similar to TY Beanie Babies, these have “birth dates” and names on the bears tag. In theory, you would have 365 Hello Panda bears to collect but I doubt anyone would spent their money collecting these.

Would I buy it again? Probably not.

Maybe if there was a different, more exciting gift, I might buy it again. It makes a fun and cheap surprise for your kids or a cheap souvenir. Thus far, I’m happy with just having one.

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