Hong Kong’s Avenue of Comic Stars!

Hong Kong’s Avenue of Comic Stars!

If you find yourself in Hong Kong, be sure to stop by the Avenue of Comic Stars!

This area, among many others, can be found in Kowloon Park. If you enter from Nathan Rd, you’ll see a long strip of stores with lights. In the middle of those stores are some colorful stairs with “lego-looking” figures. Right at the top you’ll find the Avenue of Comic Stars to your left.

If you enter from the Botanical Gardens’ side, you’ll find a giant mural with all the characters that have statues, as well as this names plate identifying the heroes. I love how the names are romanized so we can still read them.

Left: Jing Lie. Middle: Wang Xiao Hu (王小虎). Right: Nan Gong Wen Tian (南宫问天).
Left: Chan Lok Kwan. Middle: Dragon Lord. Right: Cloud.
Left: Ding Ding Penguin. Right: Shau Sing Chai.

I had so many more photos, especially of my favorite statues (Samba, Little Horse, Miss 13 Dots, McDull & Ding-Dong) but unfortunately they were accidentally erased.

Here’s the address: Kowloon Park Dr, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Check out their official website: ComicAvenue.

While I don’t know much of Hong Kong’s popular comic art, I really appreciated how they celebrated their characters. The statues are really cool and make neat Instagram selfies! The kids would love seeing these up close as well.

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