Bali’s McDonald’s Black Cone & Pink Candy Dip!

Bali’s McDonald’s Black Cone & Pink Candy Dip!

After trying some new McDonald’s soft serve flavors in Hong Kong and Singapore, I made it my mission to try and find a McDonald’s in any new country I visit and try their ice cream. Guess what I found in Bali, Indonesia!

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Bali also has separate ice cream shops for their McDonald’s soft serve!

As soon is I saw the sign, I had to try the candy dip!

It’s funny because I had just finished booking a ticket to see Black Pink in Kuala Lumpur so my first thought after seeing the Black Candy Top was “Black Pink in your area”. And yes, this ice cream was totally in my area with it’s epic color match of a black cone, white vanilla soft serve and pink candy dip.

I’m wasn’t sure what Warnai Momen Manismu means but I dropped it in Google translate and it came out as “Color Your Sweet Moments”. I had to share this because it’s an amazing phrase to learn in another language. I have a new go to phrase to hold to heart; even better that it’s in another language and I know what it means! “Warnai Momen Manismu” my fellow readers! (o^-^)o

There were so many other options that I definitely wanted to try but didn’t stick around in Bali long enough to try them. As you can see, the menu below is incredibly more amazing than any American McDonald’s ice cream menu I’ve seen and also out did Hong Kong and Singapore in my opinion.


  • Black Candy Top: $7,727RP = about 55 US CENTS
  • Mixed Berries with Oreos: $12,727RP = about 91 US CENTS
  • Mixed Berries with Meringue: $12,727RP = about 91 US CENTS
  • Sundae & McFlurry Toppings: $1,818RP per topping = about 13 US CENTS

The cone was simply died black. I thought maybe it would taste like chocolate but it’s only a regular cone. Then of course, the vanilla soft serve tasted the same as always: smooth, sweet and creamy. The pink candy dip tasted like bubble gum. I was worried it would be like a tart berry flavor because of the other mixed berry items on the menu but it was a sweet pink bubble gum flavor with a hint of white chocolate. I really enjoyed this one a lot even though the only new thing about it was the candy dip.

Would I buy it again? Yup!

I wanted to try everything on their menu. The prices are insanely cheap and they have options I never thought I could have the option to try. I regret not creating my own sundae and McFlurry with all the toppings they had.

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