Unusual but Oddly Aesthetic Goldfish Market Hong Kong!

Unusual but Oddly Aesthetic Goldfish Market Hong Kong!

While I couldn’t capture beautiful photos at Hong Kong’s Flower Market, I was lucky enough to stroll by the goldfish market Hong Kong and get some awesome snapshots!

While there isn’t much to do at the goldfish market other than walk by and look, It’s still quite the sight. It almost makes you want to stay in Hong Kong and build a giant aquarium.

goldfish market Hong Kong baggies
You can find hundreds of baggies hanging on from metal grids.

As you can see from the photo above, you can find many of these fish baggies hanging from metal grid walls. And if you haven’t guessed it yet from looking at the photo, the goldfish market sells far more than just goldfishes.

goldfish market Hong Kong

I took some close shots of the baggies. As you can see, the variety is endless. I was truly surprised to even find crabs in baggies since they have sharp claws that could rip through the plastic if they tried hard enough. Then again, I’ve never sold fish in baggies and maybe it doesn’t happen as often as I think it would.

Prices range from $100HKD (about $12.78USD) to up to $300HKD (about $38.33USD) or more. Some can be as low as 6 fishes for $33HKD (about $4.22USD); it really depends on the type of fish. Prices are clearly marked on the bags and tanks but it’s known market culture for people to bargain with seller if products seem a bit overpriced. I don’t know much about fishes so I would just buy what I could afford. I actually thought about buying a few until I remembered, “oh yea, I don’t live in Hong Kong”.

goldfish market Hong Kong giant goldfish
The goldfish are HUGE! The orange one on the left is my favorite!

Goldfishes come in so many different sizes. My favorite from the photo above is the orange one. I felt bad because it was so fat it’s eyes were completely covered up and couldn’t see. I still liked that one the most; it reminded me of a pug.

goldfish market Hong Kong blue shop

Unfortunately, some Asian countries have a very weird policy of “no photos allowed” in most stores, it can be quite difficult even finding places where taking photos are okay. I entered a very hard to miss shop, as you can see in the photo above, full of tanks with blue lighting. I didn’t get very far before someone came up to me and pointed at a “no photos allowed” sign on the wall. Luckily, I had already taken a few photos; that room was quite amazing to walk into because the intensity of that blue light was calming but also alluring. It would be hard to describe without a photo!

goldfish market Hong Kong turtles crabs
Left: Turtles. Right: Crabs.

I did manage to capture some of my favorite things about the goldfish market, for example, like the photo above! The older lady managing this stall didn’t mind me taking photos, which was great because I hadn’t seen so many turtles in one place. The only place I’ve seen crabs like that is steamed on a plate or raw over ice. Most of the crabs sold in the U.S, are hermit crabs and fiddler crabs at pet stores.


ADD: 43-49 Bute Street, Bute St, Prince Edward, Hong Kong (GoogleMaps).

I would love to go back to the goldfish market in Hong Kong. I would like to be able to take more photos of the exotic sea creatures they had. Right on the same block, they also had dog shops with the cutest window puppies that I didn’t get to take photos of. There is so much to see in Hong Kong, especially in this area. Take a walk northeast of the goldfish market and you’ll find the flower market a few blocks away!

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