Around the World Through 12 Awesome Kit Kat Flavors I’ve Tasted!

Around the World Through 12 Awesome Kit Kat Flavors I’ve Tasted!

Anyone headed to Japan is always excited to collect the different Kit Kat flavors. I’m one of these people! My travels through the continent of Asia made me realize that other countries had their own flavors too, NOT just Japan!

different kit kat flavors
My mini Kit Kat haul from Japan and South Korea.

It’s true, Japan has the biggest, strangest variety of Kit Kat flavors, but you shouldn’t miss out on other flavors too. Now when I travel, I keep a look out for products like this and even for different flavors of ice cream at Mc.Donald’s.

While they don’t have available all flavors around the world, you can still check out the Kit Kat website for new flavor updates!

Contents: Kit Kat Flavors


rose and berry kit kat from malaysia
Rose & Berry

I found this by chance when I went shopping at the Cold Storage grocery store in the lower level of the Sunway Putra Mall in the city of Kuala Lumpur. From what I understand, this can be found in multiple Asian countries. The packaging info on the back has Malay, Vietnamese and Indonesian.


milk tea kit kat from Thailand
Milk Tea Kit Kat Duo

I actually found this at Sunway Putra Mall at the Cold Storage grocery store in the city of Kuala Lumpur my first time. However, the packaging is in Thai so I believe that it’s originally a Thai flavor. When I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, this is the flavor I found in 7-Eleven’s.

South Korea

strawberry tiramisu kit kat from south korea
Strawberry Tiramisu

I had forgotten all about Kit Kat’s by the time I landed in South Korea. There’s just so much to see, I accidently found this at a convenient store in Seoul while looking for some late night snacks.


Tokyo banana kit kat from japan
Tokyo Banana Kit Kat

This one is a hard to miss. It’s all over Tokyo! Tokyo Banana is a very popular brand in Japan and they do more flavors than just banana. This is the Kit Kat collaboration they’re currently promoting.

sakura sake kit kat from japan
Sakura Sake

This is one of my all time favorite flavors! Like many of the flavors sold in Japan, you can find these in giant bags and in 12 pack boxes. This 3 pack boxes, I only found in Osaka.

hojicha roasted green tea kit kat from Japan
Hojicha Roasted Green Tea

I found this flavor in Osaka in a 7-Eleven. It’s funny because I couldn’t find the Matcha Kit Kat anywhere in Japan.

purple sweet potato kit kat from Japan
Purple Sweet Potato

I bought this at the Fukuoka Airport before leaving. You can find this 12 pack in nearly every airport, tourist gift shop, Don Quijote and market discount stores. I couldn’t find it in a smaller 3 pack box, so I was forced to buy this 12 pack box.

United States

mint dark chocolate kit kat duo
Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Duos

While I’m not a huge fan of mint chocolate, I found this new flavor by chance while shopping and I was curious how well the 2 halves blended together!

birthday cake kit kat flavor
Birthday Cake

Another new flavor introduced in the U.S. This is a very common new flavor for cereals, ice cream, cakes and chocolates, so I’m curious what flavor they decided on. It’s a hit or miss!

apple pie kit kat
Apple Pie

Just in time for the fall! New exciting Kit Kat flavor in the U.S. This is probably my favorite new flavor out of the very few made in the U.S.

mocha chocolate kit kat duos
Mocha Chocolate Kit Kat Duos

Just in time for the new year! After 2020 draining our spirits, we could use an extra kick of energy with this coffee & chocolate flavored Kit Kat!

key lime pie kit kat
Key Lime Pie

This came out right towards the end of Spring! It was definitely a delightful pick-me-up a difficult start to the year! The refreshing cool taste of the lime with the sweet white chocolate and cinnamon made this Kit Kat a nice treat!

Stay tuned for more flavors! I will update whenever I find a new Kit Kat!

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