McDonald’s Ice Cream Taro McDip & More in Kuala Lumpur!

McDonald’s Ice Cream Taro McDip & More in Kuala Lumpur!

To get into Kuala Lumpur, you have to take the train from the airport directly into the city. You can always taxi but the best and easiest way is the direct train. At the Sentral Train Station, there’s a McDonald’s that sells vanilla cones with 4 special dips.

Display case of mcdonalds ice cream dip

Ever wondered what a soft served vanilla cone would taste like with a different dip and not just the plain chocolate available everywhere? I was thrilled to see 4 different flavors: matcha, caramel, taro and mango. Of course I wanted to try all of them but I only had time for one. I found the McDonald’s on my way to the airport. I almost didn’t try it because I was anxious to catch the train. I’ve had too much matcha of everything and mango wasn’t available which was my first choice. With caramel being my last choice, I chose to try the taro flavor.

mcdonals vanilla soft serve with taro dip

Personally, I didn’t get much of a taro taste from the dip. Tasted sweet like white chocolate. Taro alone doesn’t have much of a flavor; it’s has a very mild taste and sweetness. A lot of sugars and sweet creams are added to taro flavored desserts. Although the taro flavor was hard to pin-point, I still enjoyed my cone.

The dipped cone cost me $2.95RM = about 71 US CENTS!

Would I try it again? Probably not.

The cone was yummy but with other McDips available, I really would like to try the others. I suspect mango and matcha would be my favorites!

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